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Batman Villains by Taylor Stahlman

Possible actors/actresses to play Batman's many villains

Salem's Lot by Taylor Stahlman

My dream cast for an adaptation of Stephen King's Salem's Lot.

My Spider-Man Reboot Cast by Taylor Stahlman

Now that Marvel and Sony are rebooting the Spidey series, I figured I would try my hand at casting it.

Moreau by Taylor Stahlman

An updated version of H.G. Wells' The Island of Dr. Moreau, drawing influences from the original novel and the 1932 Island of Lost Souls. Perhaps providing some backstory to Dr. Moreau himself and more insight into his past and motives.

Man in the Woods by Taylor Stahlman

Inspired by classic horror shockers, this is the story of a group of campers who come across a cabin. The cabin is owned by a quiet, lanky Irishman. He seems to be an okay guy, but is actually a barbaric sadist with a penchant for cannibalism.

The Hangman Cometh by Taylor Stahlman

An epic story spanning the course of four years about the reign of fear created by a monstrous serial killer who stalks the streets looking for woman. He is tracked down by a dogged detective whose own life is spiraling. They are both smart. They are both relentless. They are both aware of the other. Now it's just up to fate to decide who will win the game of cat-and-mouse.

Satan's Dwelling by Taylor Stahlman

A cynical young man inherits an old mansion in the middle of nowhere from his forgotten, crazy uncle. He is skeptical at first, but then decides to stay he night with a group of friends until making his decision. He soon discovers that a cult of satanists uses it as a place to hold rituals and sacrifices. The innocents are discovered and trapped in the house, leading to a loooong night of violence, bloodshed, horror, and other unspeakable things.

The Siege of 204 Redwood by Taylor Stahlman

In the vein of angry cinema of the 1970s, this gritty tale is about the tenants of an apartment building run by a miserly landlord. As their struggle in the city, full of disappointment and failure, grows harder, they grow more disgruntled, bitter, and angry. Finally, one day, they decide to take out their frustrations on the world. Several hours later, the building is in the spotlight as a hostage situation/sniping spree spirals out of control.

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