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Oliver! by Charles Dickens

A nine year old boy in a workhouse cries for more, and it sets him on the streets of London in a tale of pickpockets, theives, and villianous treachory. He seeks London to find his fortune, but when he meets up with a pickpocket named Dodger(Jack Dawkins) Dodger leads him into the life of a pickpocket, the gang lead by Fagin, the old man who acts like a pied piper to the young villians. Their role model of sorts is Bill Sikes, the vagabond and abusive husband of Nancy, a hopeless misguided young woman. Oliver is accused of pickpocketing while …

Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie

The musical of the boy who never wanted to grow up. Often a girl plays Peter in this version-an older girl around 20 that looks younger. Their adventures against Capt. Hook and the pirates and the indians will be remade from the 1960 Mary Martin Film.

Annie by Thomas Meehan

This musical is one about a red headed eleven year old girl growing up in the depression. She lives in an all girl orphanage with the mean and coniving Miss Hannigan. After many attempts to run away in the laundry man(Mr. Bundles') basket, she finds some luck when Grace Ferrell, secretary of the famous billionare Oliver Warbucks, comes to select an orphan to spend two weeks with him for christmas. While there, she meets many nice people and experiences things that she would never had a chance to before. Warbucks gets attached to Annie and wants to adopt her. However, …

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