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Traces of Life by Zack Smyth

The story revolves around a family, centered by overbearing and psychologically unstable mother Katherine. She is rounded out by the family patriarch Bruce who is quiet and very nervous. Hopelessly apathetic Marc play Katherine’s son, a drug dealer who gets entangled with a mysterious older woman, Sara. Sara uses odd means to attempt to reform Marc. Loud and crazy Veronica plays the daughter, who is the one who rounds out the family. Veronica and Marc have an unusual bond, formed over the years as their parents have expected more and more from them. Marc is a college dropout and Veronica …

Photograph by Zack Smyth

A strange and disturbing tale of obsession, this movie is the story of a retired senator, Paul Jenkins, who takes up photography. He hires new model Aimee Barnett, who is just getting into the modeling business. After she leaves he looks over the pictures for hours, slowly spiraling into a web of obsession. His trophy wife, Candice, trusts him the utmost to make him trust her. But she is seeing Max Calder on the side, a sadistic realtor, and she ends up being caught into his circle of deceit. When Paul calls Aimee back she has no idea the kind …

There Goes the Neighborhood by Me

A disturbing and stark story about a married couple, Max and Julianne, who live in a suburban neighborhood. Also living with them is their twenty-year-old son Bailey, who dropped out of college, can't find a job, and is back at square one and their fourteen-year-old daughter Clarissa. Then a new neighbor named Embeth moves in with her lesbian lover Sheena and tensions rise between Max and her. We see the neighborhood slowly unravel around this rivalry, and eventually Max, Julianne, Bailey, and Clarissa move away. But ten years later, Max and Julianne move back to find the neighborhood a different …

San Grotestana by Me

This is the story of a place where nothing is real and futures are blank. It's a place for people stuck in between, who can't let go of their pasts. Mike, a photographer, whose wife was killed five years before in a tragic car accident. Freddie, a banker, who can't let go of his secret alcoholic past. Jenny, a teacher, who never missed a day of work and can't seem to forget her whorish past. And last of all there was Maureen, a charity worker who is unable to get over her near career-ruining mistake and can't go on. They're …

Of Certain Homicide by Zack Smyth

Small-firm lawyer, James, is headed for the big-time with his new case. His cool, confident, two buttons unbuttoned secretary Jessica has sex with him and one of the firm’s partners Christopher Allanbright fires him. In a bar he meets Cheryl and he finds out she is a big-time lawyer at a big firm. She takes him on her case which is one of the strangest he’s ever seen. An old lady named Corinne allegedly murdered her husband at a Quickie Mart. There is one witness, Taylor, the man who turned down the aisle where the murder was to get some …

Life, as it Were by Me

Karen leads a life of men, bars, and one night stands. Her sister Rachel is older and more refined and she owns an art gallery in a Boston suburb. Her marriage to Blake isn’t going that well, especially after their fifteen-year-old son Jonathan committed suicide. Their mother, Hanna, is having her seventy-fifth so they’re both invited back up to New Hampshire where they grew up. Meanwhile Hanna and her husband Charles are having marital problems of their own. Charles is upset because it’s been years since there was any real electricity between them. When everybody’s together we see a mixture …

New York Minute by Zack Smyth

In the city of New York, in the context of a minute, anything can happen. A movie filled with intertwining storylines that all come down to one final, decisive minute. There's a Broadway show, starring Felicia and Cara, which encounters a series of problems as they race toward opening night. A doomed relationship between Christa and Marc as they fight their way to a pivotal moment in their relationship. At the NYPD, as a frustrating case drives three police officers insane. These three stories work their way up and down an emotional roller coaster, connecting and wrapping around each other …

The Car Crash by Zack Smyth

The story revolves around a woman, Aileen, faced with a distressing choice. One day a man shows up at her door declaring he's God, and claims she will die in a car crash in one of the next few days. Faced with not only that proclamation, she finds out that two other people will be involved in the car crash. Gary, a father and a lawyer, living in suburbia with a lovely wife and two beautiful kids. Shelley, a pregnant actress who lives in the city with her fiancee, wedding day upcoming, about to start a new life. Aileen finds …

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