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Wiplala II by Annie M.G.Schmidt

Wiplala is a tiny little man who can do magic. He calls it “twinkling”. It used to go a bit wrong sometimes. Now he's come back to Nella Della, Jonathan and Mr. Blom, and he seems to have become a lot better at it. Once again they have lots of funny and exciting adventures together. Read a chapter

Lorna Doone by R.D. Blackmore

The Doones are a notorious gang of outlaws, who have long been terrorizing the area with no fear of the law. Lorna is a young girl who has been brought up by these villains, and who falls in love with honest, brave John Ridd, whose own father had been killed by the Doones. Many complications ensue as John tries to win Lorna over the opposition of Carver Doone, the most dangerous of the wicked clan, and as Lorna's own past threatens her relationship with John. There is both romance and action as everything unfolds.

Wiplala by Annie M.G. Schmidt

Wiplala is a tiny little man who can do magic. He calls it “twinkling”. Only sometimes it goes a bit wrong. That causes quite a few problems for Nella Della, Jonathan and Mr. Blom, but it also leads to lots of exciting and very funny adventures. For example, Wiplala turns Arthur Hollidee, an unknown poet, into a stone statue, causing him to become very famous; and also he saves the Bloms from an angry restaurant manager when they have no money to pay a large bill by turning them into liliputs and thus helping them escape. Read a …

The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The story describes the fate of The people of Pompeii before the great eruption of Vesuvius. Among the people trying to find their love and destiny are noblemen, soldiers, merchants, servants and slaves; before the horror of vulcanic eruption conquers their minds, there is sacrifice, murder and unhappy love. Nydia, a blind girl, loves Glaucus. Glaucus is in love with Ione, a nobleman´s daughter, who is also desired by a vicious Egyptian, Arbaces. The latter comes up with a terrible plot to destroy Glaucus´s reputation and gain full power over Ione´s rich father. Nydia risks her life but lingers between …

Mio, my Mio by Astrid Lindgren

An orphan finds his royal father in the Far Away Land, but despite the happy life he has there decides to go on a dangerous journey to fight against the cruel Knight Kato.

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