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peetamelark25's Titles

Oscar Selfie (2004) by Ellen DeGeneres


Oscar Selfie (1994) by Ellen DeGeneres


Oscar Selfie (1984) by Ellen DeGeneres


La Gran SeƱora by Unknown

The biopic of Jenni Rivera

Asi Fue: Juan Gabriel Story by Unknown

The biopic of Juan Gabriel

Black History by Shonda Rhimes

A tv series telling the storynof many important black people Stories to Tell: Salomon Northup Harriet Tubman Hattie McNiell Ella Fitzgerald Martin Luther King Maya Angelou Malcolm X Aretha Franklin Ray Charles Stevie Wonder Diana Ross Ben Carson Whitney Houston Sidney Poitier

The Big Wedding (2033) by Unknown

The movie made 20 year later

Oscars 2016 (70s) by Unknown

If the Oscar and the movies nominated was made in the 70s

The Show Must Go On by Unknown

The story about a woman that just get divorced and want to her life with the help of her parents and children ( 2 adults , 1 in college and other in puberty)

Secret Love by Unknown

A drama about a guy that fell in love to his business partner but his wife is trying to stop that romance with the help of the other guy mother in the 1950s

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Blank Man (Part 2)

A Simpleton Inventor returns to the city and becomes a hero again with a bulletproof …

Batman (FX TV Series)

What if FX made a live-action Batman TV series loosely based on Batman: Year One, …

The Darjeeling Limited (1997)

What if The Darjeeling Limited made 10 years earlier?

Helluva Boss (2009)

What if Helluva Boss was made 10 years earlier?

A Rick Astley Movie

1980's singer plays a remarkable character in this live action movie about a falling in …


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