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Imagine Casting

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Gears of War by Epic Games

On the planet Sera, the brave soldiers of the Coalition of Ordered Governments fight a brutal battle for survival against the subterranean Locust Horde.


  1. Michael Bay


  1. Dominic Purcell ... Marcus Fenix
  2. Franky G ... Dominic Santiago
  3. Lester Speight ... Augustus Cole
  4. Julian McMahon ... Damon Baird
  5. Clea Duvall ... Anya Stroud
  6. Jason Scott Lee ... Minh Young Kim
  7. Ryan Reynolds ... Anthony Carmine
  8. Peter Navy Tuiasosopo ... Tai Kaliso
  9. Muse Watson ... Dizzy Wallin
  10. Jason Statham ... Chairman Richard Prescott
  11. Alan Dale ... Victor Hoffman
  12. Eva Mendes ... Maria Santiago
  13. Dee Bradley Baker (voiced) ... General Raam
  14. Tilda Swinton ... Queen Myrrah

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