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NerdBoy359's Titles

This is the End (2023) by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg​

This is the End made 10 years later .

Alien Covenant (2027) by Ridley Scott

What if Alien covenant was made 10 years later.

Fant4stic (2025) by Josh Trank,Fox

What if Josh Trank's Fant4stic was made 10 years later.

DBZ by Giovanni Garcia, Akira Toryiama

The first in a trilogy of movies based on the popular anime and manga of the same name. This Film covers the sayian saga.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2023) by JJ Abrams

What if Star Trek Into Darkness was made 10 years later.

Popular Titles

Beauty and the Muppet Beast

Beauty and the Muppet Beast is to be an upcoming television movie for ABC Network.

Oscars 2016 (2006)

Oscars and the movies made 10 years earlier.

Trolls (2026)

Trolls made 10 years later.


a Remake of the 1979 Comedy with Dudley Moore & Bo Derek

Sing (2026)

Sing made 10 years later.


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