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Closet Monsters: The Movie by Doc M Productions

A movie all about Nathan Forester and his monster friends as they go around stopping the forces of evil. NOTE: This is my own casting and each monster character has to be played by the actor they are based on, so please no suggestions like Ricky Geravis or anything. Characters: Nathan/Growler: My closet monster persona. He is a weregrinch resembling Jim Carrey's version of the title character from How The Grinch Stole Christmas, he is also quite mysterious and intelligent - he's also a scientist and grinchologist. Has green fur, claws, sharp white fangs, a long mane of dark green ...

Hillhurst Monsters: New Recruits by Doc M Productions

The adventures of the newest additions to the House Monsters gang. Growler (my OC): Growler is a weregrinch with green fur, claws, fangs, bushy eyebrows, a mane of dark green hair, a black nose and a grinch-like muzzle as well as yellow eyes and pointed ears. He is usually quite fierce but kind-hearted and in control of his grinch instincts. Andria (Andria's OC): A female cat-monster resembling a Na'vi, she is able to fight for herself but also look out for her friends. Esme: A good witch who resembles Anjelica Huston and she makes various different spells and potion recipes. ...

Death Of All Grinches by Shamoosh

A mean spirited girl named Shamoosh is turned into a weregrinch and forms a plot to kill and destroy all grinch kind and to defeat the charming Mountain King.

Monster World: The Tiberiuses by Doc M Productions

This latest addition of the Monster World series focuses on the Tiberius family. The Tiberius family are a family of werecats that hail from Britain, they reside in the same neighbourhood as Nathan and his friends. Rowan: Professor Rowan Tiberius is the husband of Samatha, he is a tutor at the university Nathan goes to and studies lycanthropy. He is a male werecat who resembles Rowan Atkinson but with long hair and sounds like him a little bit, he is very charming and polite but also sly and cunning as well. He is a member of an evil werecreature clan, ...

Arthur by Marc Brown

Arthur revolves around the lives of Arthur Read, an anthropomorphic aardvark, his friends and family, and their daily interactions with each other. The series often deals with social and health-related issues that affect young children. There is a strong emphasis on the educational value of books and libraries as well as relationships with friends and family members.

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