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natesogate's Titles

Cool Cat The Animated Series by Derek Savage

A Animated Series Based Off Of Cool Cat Saves The Kids

The Great Zamzbini by Micheal Bay

Characters Johnny,12-13:The Main Protagonist Laura,12-13:The Main Protagonist's Love Interest George/The Great Zamzbini,40:The Main Protagonist's Widowed Father and Deuteragonist Rutherford “Ford” Danglers,45:The Main Antagonist Lou,28-33:The Secondary Antagonist

Pirates of The Caribbean (1993) by Thus Guy

Pirates of The Caribbean made 10 Years Earlier

Edgelord and Moustache Guy's Excellent Adventure by That Guy

When Two Background Characters Stumble Into a Wild Adventure Featuring Drama Comedy Romance and Singing Characters Edgelord-a 17 Year old Boy Moustache Guy-a 42 Year Old man who is edgelords uncle Green Shirt Girl-Edgelord's 17 year old girlfriend Greaser-a 17 year old guy The Groundskeepers-70 year old men Black Guy-a 20 something year old black guy Aloysius O'Hare-The 55 Year old Villain Marie-a 7 year old girl Wesley-a 7 year old boy Granny Norma-a 93 year old Women Sai-a 30 year old Man

Home Alone (2020) by Jon Favreau

When 8 Year Old Kevin McCallister Gets Left Behind By His Family Two Idiotic Thieves Harry and Marv Try to Break in

The Lego Jurassic Park Movie by Chris Miller

Just The First Film Mixed into Lego

Hello Neighbour by Tim Burton

When Benny Moves Into Summerdale a Happy Wyoming Town He Notices Something Strange About His Neighbour Across The Street Mr Wilson

Hastings (2018) by Tim Burton

A Film Based Off The Events Before and During The Battle of Hastings

Night at The Museum (2016) by Chris Columbis

Night in The Museum Made 10 Years Later

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (2017) by James Cameron

Charlie Was a Poor Boy

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Dawn of The Dead (2014)

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