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Nova (MCU) by Marvel Cinematic Universe

A Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation of the Marvel Comics character, Nova

The Gibson Family Christmas 3: Family is Forever by Kyle Cooke/Netflix

PLOT: In the third and final chapter in the Gibson Family Christmas trilogy, the Gibson family is back. Arthur is now Chief Executive of Gibson Industries, along with his wife, Tara, his brother, Wayne, his nephew, Ethan and his niece, Leslie. Ethan and Leslie have gotten married and are expecting. Ben and Melanie(who married in the second film)are expecting their first child. Candice and Darren now have three kids, Nolan, Julia and Jacob. Nora and Jason are now parents of their newborn twins, Joshua and Savannah, as well as Nora's son, Alex and their other child, Elizabeth. Sam is a ...

Deck the Halls (2016) by 20th Century Fox

If Deck the Halls was made 10 years later

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Kyle Cooke/Hallmark

PLOT: Jake Cooper moves back to his hometown in New York, where he is reunited with his widowed father and younger sister. Along the way, he meets his old high school classmate, Carly Lane. He even is confronted by his high school rival, Marcus Vaughn. What can Jake do to have a great Christmas in New York? NOTE: Written, produced, directed by and starring Kyle Cooke, in the sixth film he directs.

Twice Upon a Christmas by Kyle Cooke/Netflix

PLOT: Even though this film is a sequel to Once Upon a Christmas, the duology is an anthology which will include different characters. In this film, Zach Walker is ready to go home for Christmas after four months of his senior year in college. As soon as he gets home, he reconnects with a former high school flame and an old friend, goes back to his family and enjoy the Christmas spirit. NOTE: Written, produced, directed by and starring Kyle Cooke COMPARISON PITCH: Nothing Like the Holidays meets Love Actually meets The Santa Clause meets Just Friends meets Jingle All ...

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The oceans are disappearing all over the world! Now it's up to a muscle-bound lifeguard ...

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What if Nicky Moore was made in the 90s?

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What if Baby Driver was made 5 years prior?


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