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My name ty I would like to none by my penname Syd Ronnie Cash. That so my love of music Syd is after Syd Barret and Ronnie is after Ronnie James Dio and Cash is after Johnny cash. So hello I'm Syd Ronnie Cash

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Indiana Jones and the Undiscovered Earth by Syd Ronnie Cash

It's 1979 indy and his friend jocck are fishing with their grandkids they soon tell the story about their Adventure in the Undiscovered Earth. the inner earth and the mysteries of Atlantis and how they fought their way to find it before the Third Reich fights New characters Vivian Harlow- based on Sophia hapgood in the Indiana Jones video games Faith Atlantis and the infernal machine. She is an old flame of Indy and student very gifted and had an obsession with Atlantis now she studies being a psychic Colonel Alexander "Jock" O'Malley- Indiana's best friend he is a lot ...

The Terminator: Armageddon the Day of Reckoning by Syd Ronnie Cash

This is Terminator 3.5 a sequel to Terminator 2. John Connor wake at the bar and tells the bar tender that he just wake a bad dreaming (talking T3 and salvation and genisys). Now a new a human named Jade Holden has come to protect the safety of John and Sarah Connor and John's unborn child Tara Connor form a new Terminator

that 80's show by Syd Ronnie Cash

Corey Dervereaux and his friends live in 1984 and always have a rocking good time. Teens Corey Dervereaux- age 17, a very cool Farris Bueller type character and is great guitar player with his band Dervereaux Jyne "Tuesday" Smith- age 15,the girlfriend of Corey and is punk type girl. She is lead singer of Dervereaux Roger Parke- age 16 the best friend of Corey he is very shy and the Bass player of Dervereaux. He is a very shy guy Sophia Bardot- age 17 a very beautiful and openly bisexual and is the second guitar player of Dervereaux Katie Dervereaux ...

Timecop: The Next Level by Syd Ronnie Cash

Years after being a timecop Walker is ready to retire but Ian Pascal the greatest time fugitive has escaped form prison. And​ now​ Walker and a new recurit Clarke Logan​ and there is a trader at tcu it is Rainan Chen.

Diamond are forever​ retribution by Syd Ronnie Cash

This a voice cast for a James Bond can a video game. This is the real diamond are forever the real sequel to oh her majesty secret service. James Bond gets his revenge on blofeld this game is set in 1971. It is a combination of Moonraker and the​ diamonds are forever books by Ian Fleming.

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