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Your typical Geminian introvert with a love for movies, writing, meditation, and cup of coffee.

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DREAMS OF CALIFORNICATION by John Silver and Vincent Garcia; Warner Bros. Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures

Freddie James Ziggler is an old-school loving musician with aspirations to move to Los Angeles and make it big. Unfortunately, along the journey to greatness he is rejected by the top dogs in the music industry. Losing all hope, Freddie James is ready to call it quits, until he meets an independent and strong-willed girl, Amelia, who spent most of her life as a social outcast protesting against the press after the alleged death of her father as a result of religious persecution from another country. On the other side of the music life, veteran country singer Thomas Hodge is ...

COLD AIR by John Silver and Tristan Hartup; Summit Entertainment and eOne Films

Caleb Dean Grimm is a relentless space cadet from the future exploring an icy planet responsible for the disappearance of his girlfriend and while making a discovery for an element capable of extending an individual's lifespan. Caleb finds a distress signal in the midst of examining a life source, until a mysterious yet beautiful woman only known as Sahara appears at the location, claiming to know Caleb. Sahara reveals the planet in which Caleb is investigating has become deadly and those who consume or absorb the elements related to the orb of the Frost Virus will not only possess immortality, ...


Gerald Weathers is a mild-mannered, middle-aged, depressed clown who takes pleasure in entertaining children and comforting the depressed to cope with his life; by night, however - he is constantly visited by shadow people who stalk him in his sleep and send cryptic messages of a major threat arriving to collect his soul in 72 hours. The entity has taken Gerald's family's souls years ago due to his bad habits with crime and terrorism, and makes a deal with him just as he's about to collect the man's soul - find the four scars of Destiny, and the entity will ...

Construct by John Silver; DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures

Tim Kevins, a young grocery clerk by day and hardcore gamer by night, discovers a mysterious alien-like object in the form of a digital keyboard after getting kicked out of his job. Tim realizes the keyboard enables him to change the weather, control time, create buildings and weapons, and a lot more with a few clicks on the keys. From getting back at the school bullies to regaining his job in the workplace, Tim discovers through his reckless actions the potential to cause mayhem in the real world. That is, until a mysterious yet extraterrestrial warmonger from another dimension appears, ...


Sean Davidson is a young high school senior with ambitions to pursue mechanical engineering, but feels that everything in life has taken a mental toll on him. He makes the decision to drop out and take the GED, feeling that there is some revelation he's been having. Travelling to Miami, Sean bumps into college senior Marie Kurtz, a dropout from another country trying to start over after a traumatic childhood and a broken relationship. Little does the young man know that he's walking into a road of danger when a man from Marie's past catches up to her and targets ...

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