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Lynskeyium's Titles

Tabitha by Jerry Mayer

Samantha Stephens' British niece, Tabitha Mitchell, comes to study at the local college in the Californian town of Bluewater. What the fellow students and tutors don't realise is that she is a witch like her aunt. She makes a few friends, Dina Gregory, Tony Russell and Wanda Black, who soon discover her power. Tabitha tries to do as little magic as possible, whilst studying drama so she can fuflfil her dreams of becoming an actress, but it isn't easy.

The Persuaders by Robert .S. Baker

Whilst on holiday, an American billionairess, Daniella Wilde, and a titled English woman, Lady Beatrice Sinclair, come to blows over a misunderstanding concerning a hotel room, and both of them are arrested for breaching the peace. They are bailed out and placed under the supervision of Judge Fulton and the three of them form a new international crime fighting team - The Persuaders.

Glenda's Glove by J.D. Taylor

A lonely, accademically gifted, bookshop employee, John Redman, falls in love with a beautiful female customer, Glenda West, a tourist from the USA. They exchange numbers and he puts the slip of paper with hers in his wallet, but it is stolen by a mugger. The next day, she comes in to say goodbye to him whilst he is out on his lunch break, but accidentally leaves one of her gloves behind. John finds it and, realising that he has to find her and declare his love for her, he sets off to America on a journey to locate her ...

Doctor Who - The Movie by J.D. Taylor (Based on the characters created by Sydney Newman & Russell T. Davies)

Following the defeat of the Sontarans in their bid to use time-space travel technology to conquer the Universe, The Doctor is forced to say goodbye to Martha Jones, when she falls in love with Ademyr, the son of President Fornas, the ruler of the planet Gervenda. A distress beacon, activated in the 22nd Century, forces the TARDIS to materialise on Earth in the future. The Doctor's grand daughter, Susan, reveals that she activated the beacon, and tells him of the threat of another invasion from The Syrocax.

Battle Of The Planets by Jameson Brewer

The year is 2178 AD. Four passengers board the latest deep space spacecraft, The Phoenix; two athletes, Mark Stewart and Jason Arthur; Susan Harper, the personal representative of Queen Dalinya, who is in charge of the monarch's son, who is growing inside a embriotic chamber, and her older brother, Barry. Without warning, solar winds send the ship heading towards a glowing nebula. The radiation within affects all four of them. Due to the turbulance, the embrionic chamber accidentally falls into the reactor and speeds up the growth of the foetus. The nebula's properties have altered the molecular structure of The ...

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