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Godspell by John-Michael Tebelak & Stephen Schwartz

A motion picture version of the long running musical, based on the Gospel According To St Matthew. It takes place within twelve days in and around New York City during the summer of 1970 with Jesus and his disciples played by eleven hippies and a teenage waitress, Katie, who has quit her job and dropped out. Note: In the original film, the majority of characters were taken from the Christian names of the actors and actresses starring in the cinematic version of the musical. However, as you will be voting for today's actors and actresses, this no longer applies.

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

Seventeen year-old Tom Sawyer is looking forward to life beyond schooling. He is keen to spend most of his time with his friend Huckleberry Finn, despite his aunt, Polly Clements, being opposed to such a friendship. Tom is also considering his feelings for Becky, the daughter of Judge Thatcher, the man in charge of ensuring law and order prevail. One night, Tom and Huck are in a graveyard when they witness the brutal stabbing of Dr Robinson by local villain, Injun Joe. He frames Muff Potter, but is exposed by Tom Sawyer. Injun Joe vows revenge, wich places the lives ...

Tearing Down The Walls by J.D. Taylor

Peter Maybury, is 22 year old, unemployed British young man suffering from manic depression. Sick of UK life, he emigrates to San Francisco, but in spite of the change of scene, his mental state does not improve. Matters aren't helped when he enters into a destructive relationship with an 18 year old, San Francisco-born female portrait artist named Stephanie Davies, who is just as mentally scarred as him. Fleeing the city after she attacks a woman for criticising the portraits she is selling, Peter and Stephanie head towards Venice Beach in Los Angeles to commit suicide. However, it is not ...

The Body In The Library by Agatha Christie

Early one morning, Colonel Bantry and his wife Dolly discover the dead body of a blonde girl named Ruby Bartlett in their library. Puzzled as to how it got there, they call the police. The investigation soon reveals that she was about to be adopted by a crippled millionaire Conway Jefferson. Elsewhere, a fifteen year-old girl Pamela Reeves goes missing. Dolly's friend, Miss Marple, believes that the the disappearance of the Reeves girl and the murder of Ruby Bartlett are connected and sets herself the challenge of finding out what links these two events.

Justice by J.D. Taylor

During the summer break from a British boarding school for girls, 16 year-old Jessica Smart goes with her parents, Tim and Sophie, on a driving holiday around California. Whilst on their way from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, they are caught in the middle of a shootout, when men with machine guns open fire on a convoy containing two stretch limousines and three cars. The occupants of the targeted vehicles return fire. Tim and Sophie's car is mistaken for one of the drug baron's vehicles and fired upon, killing them both. Terrified for her life, Jessica tries to escape by ...

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