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Lynskeyium's Titles

Hands Of The Ripper by Edward Spencer Shew & L.W. Davidson

John Pritchard, an eminent London doctor, takes it upon himself to take charge of a mysterious parlour maid called Anna, when she inexplicably murders her employer. She begins to respond well to his use of psychoanalysis, but when one of his servants, Dolly, comforts her, Anna grabs a knife, and proceeds to stab and mutilate her. Pritchard confides in a friend of his, Dysart, an honourable MP, but when Anna kills again, Dysart gives him a choice: either he turns Anna over to the police within the next forty-eight hours, or he will do it for him. Pritchard finds himself ...

Virginia Riley & The Golden Moon by J.D. Taylor

A sixteen year-old girl from Manchester, Virginia Riley, is sent to the Welsh countryside in 1941. On her arrival, along with the other evacuees on the train, she is billeted, by those responsible for organising where her final destination is, to stay with a retired diplomat, Sir Godfrey Latimer, at his country estate. During her first night there, mysterious intruders break in, kill her temporary guardian, ransack the house, and kidnap Virginia, believing she has information about something called 'The Golden Moon'. She escapes and discovers a plot to allow Nazi forces to infiltrate British shores.

The Family Way by Bill Naughton

Jenny Piper and Arthur Fitton marry. That is when their troubles begin. Honeymoon problems, external interference, and the lack of opportunities for marital consumation. Will the marriage be over, before it's begun?

Bond 23: Straight Into The Fire by J.D. Taylor (Based on characters created by Ian Fleming)

'M' informs James Bond 007 that a new Middle Eastern terrorist group, Jahaal-Ar, plans to bomb the British embassy in Norway. He carries out his assignment to prevent them from doing so, and puts the small band of terrorists out of action, saving a young female clerical assistant working there, Jane Vivian Moneypenny, in the process, but the leader, an embittered former MI6 agent, Ryan Mantle, escapes. Bond is given the task to stop Mantle launching a chemical attack on New York, and he joins forces with a female FBI agent, Gala Brand, who is also out to stop the ...

Beneath by Pierre Boileau

Based on the original French movie 'Les Diaboliques' In San Francisco, a wife, Christine Dessler, and her husband's mistress, Nicola Horner, join forces to rid themselves of Michael Dessler, the man who has been making their lives hell. They poison his favourite wine, then dump his body in a swimming pool. Going back later, they discover the corpse is missing. Then, the next day, sinister and horrifying events start to happen. Is Michael behind them or is something, or someone, else responsible?

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Monster House (2016)

Monster House if it came today

The Beach

a Reboot of 1 of my favorite Danny Boyle films The Beach is actually in ...


Bound if it come out today

The Dark Half

If The Dark Half was made today?

Poison Ivy

what if the Drew Barrymore film was release today.


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