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Lynskeyium's Titles

The Witches Of Eastwick by John Updike & John Dempsey

Three women long for a man, and in steps Darryl Van Horne, a mysterious billionaire. When it transpires that he is the Devil, Alexandra, Jane & Sukie use their combined powers to save the town of Eastwick from disaster.

The Bionic Woman by Kenneth Johnson - New Characters By J.D. Taylor

Life has given Rochdale-born, twenty year-old Jamie Summers very few rewards for her unremarkable existance. She spends her days serving food to mostly unappreciative customers, making her sure her sixteen year-old sister, Laura, gets to school, and spends her nights keeping drunken, over-amorous males at bay, one of the chief requirements of being a barmaid. There are no parents to help her cope, they died in a car accident, and she feels as if she is carrying the whole world on her shoulders. One night, she is driving home to Rochdale from Manchester's city centre, when her car is involved ...

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century by Philip Francis Nowlan New characters by J.D. Taylor

The Hubble telescope picks up a large cloud of unknown particles. An analysis reveals that they contain a chemical that could be used for cryogenic suspension experiments. Anthony "Buck" Rogers, a former US Air Force pilot, is selected for the mission to get a full reading of the cloud's chemical elements, so they can be genetically duplicated. The quest could have not come at a worse time for him; he is about to get married to the authoress Gwendoline Parnell. Being a former geology student, she supports the endeavour placed on his shoulders. Spurred on by the promise that he ...

St Trinians 3: Student Exchange by Piers Ashworth & Nick Moorcroft Based on the illustrations by Ronald Searle New characters by J.D. Taylor

Seven female senior high school students, and one male high school student, together with two of their teachers, visit Britain. By accident, they are sent to the notorious girls school, and get a crash course in Trinianisation; leading to calamity, hilarity and romance. In the midst of all this, the girls of St Trinians' foil a plot to defraud the Bank of England of eighty million pounds, the only way they know how.

Charlie's Angels by Leonard Goldman

A detective agency, 'Townsend Investigations', is hired by the FBI to discover the identity of an arms dealer, who is selling weapons to Islamic extremists. Charles Townsend, the owner of the agency dispatches the three private detectives he employs to infiltrate a business he suspects of being a dummy company for the terrorists. All three are killed by members of the extremist group. He gives his secretary, Bosley, the task of recruiting three replacements. His search leads him to three women: Helen Myers, an emotionally damaged British Army captain, Lenora McKendrick, a burnt out police officer from Los Angeles, and ...

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