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More tragic than George Steinbrenner buying the New York Yankees . . .

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Contempt (1963) by Edward Albee (based on the novel "Il Disprezzo" by Alberto Moravia)

A struggling writer is hired by a Hollywood producer to work on the script for his new production of Homer's ODYSSEY. Although he considers the man a greedy, vulgar, low-rent hustler, he is also tired of essentially living on his wife's earnings as a typist, so he takes the job. He has his clashes with Prokosh, but when work means he will be a bit late to a party at Prokosh's house in Rome, he asks the producer to give his wife a lift and he will join them later. His wife misinterprets this as some sort of "permission" for ...

What's New, Pussycat? (1930's) by Preston Sturges

Michael James, the feature editor of a Paris fashion magazine, has incredible luck with women, but a very poor track record being faithful. Now engaged to be engaged to a very nice woman, Carole Werner, he goes to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Fritz Fassbender, to seek help. Alas, the shrink is a Gordian knot of neuroses and unhealthy appetites, and about all he succeeds in doing is introducing Michael to yet another conquest, the self-confessed nymphomaniac Renee LeFebvre (everyone in her family is a nymphomaniac, including her father and all of her brothers). There's also the suicidal stripper Liz Biehn, ...

Parks and Recreation (1930's radio comedy) by Various

Leslie Knope is the Assistant Director of the Parks and Recreation Department in Pawnee, IN, an enthusiastic and dedicated public servant, a good friend (in her rather incompetent way), and the power behind the throne of her grumpy, sarcastic boss. She and her friends and colleagues do their best to navigate the barely-organized chaos we call life . . .

The Fox (1955) by Eric Ambler (based on the novella by D. H. Lawrence)

Henry Renfield returns to his English hometown after WWI and discovers that the farm his parents worked as tenants is now being operated by two young women, Ellen March and Jill Banford. Needing work, he signs on as a handyman, and he and Ellen soon have the place running smoothly. In the process, he falls in love with March, but she is in love with Jill, of whom he becomes extremely jealous. Eventually, he begins to plot murder . . .

Who Was That Lady? by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright (Based On The Play "Who Was That Lady I Saw You With?" by Norman Krasna)

When a chemistry professor's wife walks in on him just as a grateful female student gives him an innocent kiss, it causes strains in the marriage. When she finds the truth difficult to believe (in part because he had secretly been tutoring the young woman), the professor turns to a writer friend for some help, and HE comes up with the idea of telling his wife that he's working undercover for the FBI and that the student was actually a contact in a case involving a terrorist ring. To his total amazement, the wife believes it, but very soon, actual ...

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