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Rocky Remake with Iflist and Movie Actors by Irwin Winkler

If Rocky is getting a remake with Iflist and Movie Actors

Burke&Yang by Shonda Rhimes

What if Shonda Rhimes wrote a spinoff for Burke and Yang

Grey Anatomy Season 19 by Shonda Rhimes

After the events of Season 18 Denny and Burke are named Co-Chief of Surgery Catherine Avery died of a heart attack a mother of an patient that died forgive Meredith Dra is return Julianne and Brad start dating Addison Montgomery is win the Harper Avery Award in London as she and Ben were named Co- Ambassadors of Surgery in a London hospital Specner and Penny were seen on TV win award in another London hospital Meredith sees on TV April George DeLuca and Jessica win award in another country Derek helps Meredith to save their patient Owen and Alicia save …

Grey Anatomy Season 18 by Shonda Rhimes

Denny Duquette is alive and return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital he discover that Meredith sees him alive and they hugging together and he is became the Chief of Surgery Cristina Yang is an intern agian for the first time in flashback she is intern ever Cristina helps Burke to save his own patient Meredith is remembered in 2004 she is intern ever as Present Day Meredith meet new interns who look alike Meredith Cristina Izzie George and Alex Mark Sloan is alive and he is back to Seattle Finn is also back to Seattle Mark met Finn he told …

Empire by Lee Daniels & Danny Storng

Lucious Lyon a former drug dealer - turned - hip hop and CEO of Empire Entertainment life begins to cave in around him after his past sins come back to haunt him following his alleged diagnosis in Season One Lucious looking to groom one of his three sons Andre Jamal and Hakeem to take over the family business pits them against each other Luicous' ex-wife Cookie Lyon who is released from prison after serving a 17 - year sentence.

Empire 1993 by Lee Daniels & Danny Storng

What if Empire gets 23 years later

Dallas Movie Verison by David Jacobs

if the show Dallas was a movie

David Fincher Spider - Man by Neal Mortiz

What if David Fincher dirceted Spider - Man

Grey Anatomy Season 15 by Shonda Rhimes

Meredith Grey told her friends she is leaving from Seattle to Miami with her kids Callie and Nathan married and having two son and daughter Cristina told Jackson she is happy with him George O'Malley is alive and he is back in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Preston Burke is also back he told Cristina she is going to marry him they were married and having two kids a son and a daughter Meredith sees Derek Shepherd is alive he told her they were going to remarry and Derek and Meredith were remarried in Miami at the end of the season …

Grey Anatomy 2004 - 2030 by Shonda Rhimes

If Grey Anatomy the TV series gets 26 years later

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