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I Heard you Paint Houses by Charles Brandt (Original Book)

Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran confesses to his lawyer Charles Brandt that he killed Jimmy Hoffa, his close friend. He did a total of 25-30 mob hits for boss Russell Bufalino, Sheeran was suspected from the begining.

Animal House: College Reunion by Harold Ramis, Doug Kenny, Chris Miller (Characters)

Set 20 years after the movie, the deltas (and omegas) come back to Faber College for a reunion, getting into more trouble, and facing off with Greg Marmaland. with new characters including Abby “Bombshell” Parker, Otters Wife; Bluto's Brother Blotto; and Joe “Big Boy” Foley, the first african american Delta

Radioactive Man by Matt Groening (Characters)

Based on the Simpsons Character. Claude Kane III, a rich billionare gets in contact with radioactive chemicals and becomes Radioactive Man! Now when the evil Dr. Crab, a once loyal scientist mutated into a humanoid crab, plans to take over the world with his mutant crab army, its up to Radioactive Man and his sidekick Fallout Boy to stop him.

The Godfather Part 4 by Francis Ford Coppola, Mario Puzo

After the death of Michael Corleone, Vincent Mancini, the illegitimate son on Sonny Corleone, is now Don of the Corleone crime family, which is now involved in drug dealing, which turns the other families and the cops against them. also we see vito's early days as don, the childhood of sonny, michael, fredo and connie and how sonny “made his bones”

World War Z by Max Brooks

Its a dark time for humanity as its being eaten away by zombies. an outbreak started in China and spread worldwide, so world leaders decide to take the world back from the undead, Paul Redeker from South Africa and comes up with the Redeker Plan to save humanity, Breck Scott comes up with a vaccine called Phanlax, Arthur Sinclair leads DeStReS, department of strategic resources, and Jurgen Warbrunn leads the Israel Intelligence Agency

Blues Brothers 3: The Next Generation by Dan Aykroyd, John Landis, John Belushi

Ellwood Blues now works as a janitor at a High School in Chicago, Jake has died years ago, and Ellwood's long lost younger brother Zee Blues now owns the orphanage Ellwood and Jake grew up in. Ellwood teaches a group of troubled teens, Drake McCartney, a troubled maker, Ben Benson, bully, Nick Nichols, nerd, and Taylor Fox, cheerleader, who the blues brothers were, they bring some of the band members back, along with the teens, Zee, buster blues, a 18 year old orphan, and a blind pianist Chet Peterson, all to collect money for Ellwood to flee to Canada, under …

National Lampoons Hawaiian Vacation by John Hughes (Story)

The Griswold's are back! this time there going to Hawaii. Rusty is trying to propose to his girlfriend, but is too nervous, Audrey has a child and a husband who cheats on her, Clark and Ellen are getting Cousin Eddie out of jail for disgracing a Hawaiian tradition. And, to make things worse, Joe Smith, Ellen's high school boyfriend, just happens to be on vacation with his family, his wife and his son, oh yeah did i mention that Joe is married to the Ferrari woman from the first movie?

The Calones by $ Inc (Idea)

In this spoof of the classic “Godfather” Don Calone Jr. is the leader of the Calone Crime Mob, which consists of his two sons,Sonny and Joe, his brother Ron, his cousin Bugsy, and his father, Don Calone Sr. now that Don is getting old, he has to decide who two hand over the leadership to, his son Sonny is a non-stop party animal with a stripper girlfriend, but Joe has more expieriance in the field of Mafia, but Don has to decide quick when a rival Mafia moves in the neighborhood

Carson: The King of Late Night by None

The life of Johnny Carson, host of The Tonight Show for 30 years, from his early years as a magician, to becoming the host of the Tonight Show, from retiring and handing off to Jay Leno, and his death in 2005, as well as many memories from the tonight show Johnny was married three times, had three kids, Chris and Cory, Richard died in a car accident in 1991

Young Frankenstein 2009 by Mel Brooks & Gene Wilder

Based of the hit Broadway Musical, which is based of Mel Brooks 1974 hit film Fredrick Frankenstien (Thats Froonkensteen)goes to Transylvania to pay respect to his deceased grandfather, but he will soon create a monster like his grandfather

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