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Into The Woods (1964) by Rob Marshall


Into The Woods (1974) by Rob Marshall


Grey Anatomy Last Episode 2 hours Special by Shonda Rhimes

Meredith is rememberimg the ghost of her past and some of the characters that are alive return At the it sound the song “Where Did The Good Go”

Grey Anatomy Season 20 by Shonda Rhimes

This is the last season . After the events of season 19 Meredith and Christina are named Co-Chief Of Surgery , Izzie becomes the head of General Surgery and Jessica and Spencer get back together and Alicia and Callie are so proud of sofia and Owen and Christina get back together

Grey Anatomy Season 19 by Shonda Rhimes

After Arizona went to LA Christina call Alex to be the head of pediatrian surgery so he came to Seattle and he bring Izzie and their Only daughter Meredith Karev thats one year old , also after something the interns did that was bad some of them get fired two of them are Johnny and Juliannne . Meredith , Christina , Callie and Jessica are named the best doctors in Seattle and Christina and Jessica are named some of the best doctor in the world and when Jo see Izzie and Alex she kill herself

Grey Anatomy Season 18 by Shonda Rhimes

Catherine Avery die in the first episode , and new interns arrive and Meredith rememberher days as intern because the new interns look alike Meredith , Izzie , George , Christina and Alex , at the end of the season Arizona is going to LA to be the Chief of a Pediatrian Hospital. Jo and Jackson get married

Grey Anatomy Season 17 by Shonda Rhimes

After the events on season 16 Jo and Jackson start a relationship and Alicia and Callie choose to get married , in the last episode Addison get hit by a bus and die , Catherine Avery told Jessica Ross that she is nomimated to win the Harper Avery Award and she won and she broke up with Spencer because he wanted to get married and Amelia,and Owen divorce. Doctors Guide: The Chief Of Surgery - Christina Yang The Head Of General Surgery - Meredith Grey The Head Of Neurology - Amelia Shepard The Head Of Cardiology - Maggie Price The …

Grey Anatomy Season 16 by Shonda Rhimes

After the events of season 15 , Dra Edwards , Riggs and DeLuca go to another country. Jessica became so close with Alicia , Christina , Meredith , Callie , Amelia and Maggie and the other doctors call them “The Magnificent Seven” , Alicia broke up with Arizona because she cheat on her with other intern and she start a relationship with Callie , Addison Montgomery return to start another hospital in Seattle that take priority on Maternity ( at the end of the season it have a deal with Cate Avery and put both hospitals together, Meredith is sue …

Grey Anatomy Season 15 by Shonda Rhimes

After the things that happen on season 14 the Grey Sloan Memorial has progress a lot Christina is nominated once again to Harper Avery award Arizona start a relationship with Alicia King , and Jessica Ross start to date the new doctor in town that is call Spencer Wayne that is an intern Riggs and DeLuca start a relationship Meredith receive a email thats said that her father passed away And Edwards go to Germany to help Bailey in her new hospital and April die at the end of season

Love On Top by Unknown

A 75 years old singer name Olivia Green that in the mid 1960s meet a african american man name Marlon Williams that now is 80 while she was married and they star an affair that in her words was the love of her life they have two kids that they put on adoption but now in 2016 she reunite with Marlon and the kids she put on adoption Characters: Olivia Green 75 Marlon Williams 80 Peter Green , Olivia Brother 74 Margaret Green , Peter wife who is also a famous singer 68 Olivia Evans , Olivia and Marlon daughter …

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