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La La Land (1986) by Damian Chazelle


La La Land (1976) by Damien Chazelle


La La Land (1966) by Damian Chazelle


La La Land (1956) by Damien Chazelle


Greatest Love Of All by Unknown

A story about a woman that is getting divorce of her husband and they are fighting for the custody of their kids but also they have 1 old enough son that will help his mom to get her kids

Someday by Unknown

A story of 27 years old girl that wants to be a singer and to start she went to an audition of a great diva called Miranda Ridley but her mom doesnt let her because she was friend with Miranda and she tell Miranda is a bad influence Characters: Nina Anderson Miranda Ridley Monica Anderson - Nina mother Bradley Johnson - Nina boyfriend Patrick Jones - Nina gay best friend Mr Carell - Nina boss

Grey Anatomy with Musicians by Shonda Rhims

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Unknown

Many parallel stories of people living on christmas eve and chrsitmas on new york Characters: Vanessa Robertson - a 50 year old woman that have 4 kids and is divorced and now that she is start to date another man is have been her best year , and Mariah Carey is her best friend Olivia Robertson - a 75 years old singer that is aunt of Vanessa that she have a reunion with his son that she put in adoption while she also enjoy some quality time with her other kids Guadalupe Torres - a mexican woman that is happy …

Elections 2020 by Unknown

Who will run that elections

Julia (2007) by Unknown

The movie of 1977 starring Jane Fonda made 30 years later

Popular Titles

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (90s)

If 47 Meters Down: Uncaged was Made in 1990s

Good Boys (90s)

What if Good Boys was Made in 1990s

Final Fight 2

After Belger's death in the previous game, the Mad Gear Gang is presumably destroyed and …

Final Fight 3

After the complete destruction of the Mad Gear Gang in the previous game, the power …

The Core

The Earth's core has stopped spinning. Disasters are happening around the globe, including; animals acting …


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