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The Letter by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: An old-school Christmas romantic comedy-drama in the vein of the works of Woody Allen, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, Hal Ashby, Noah Baumbach, Peter Bogdanovich, James L. Brooks, Frank Capra, Sofia Coppola, Richard Curtis, Michael Curtiz, Blake Edwards, Nora Ephron, Todd Haynes, John Hughes, Richard Linklater, Nancy Meyers, Alexander Payne, Rob Reiner, Neil Simon, and Billy Wilder. Henry Grayson is a successful business executive who's still grieving over the tragic, untimely death of his wife two years prior. Colleen Bennett is a shopping mall employee who's recently getting over a painful break-up. Wanting her father to be happy and ...

Trollfighters Until the End by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: It all ends here. Three Trollfighters are now gone after their second war with the Trolls. Only two Trolls have made it out alive and they end up escaping to the depths of outer space, where they encounter a seductive villainous vixen known only as Goddessa. Learning of this through time-and-space traveling operatives Carter Neville, Jacob Bronson, and Jim Raynor, the Trollfighters must engage in one last war with the Trolls. MPAA RATING: R for strong sci-fi violence and gore throughout, pervasive language, crude and sexual content, some nudity, and brief drug use.

Trollfighters 2 Hell and Back by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: It's been three years since the Trollfighters defended the Earth from the Trolls and won the war, but little did they know that two of the Trolls have managed to escape the chaos. They form a new, more ridiculous, and even deadlier team of Trolls and plan to bring chaos to to the world by utilizing the powers of a girl. Phoebe Danver is a teenager who, following a near-fatal accident, has acquired strange abilities only man can dream of and the Trolls plan on using her as a powerful weapon to enact their sinister plans. The Trollfighters must ...

Trollfighters by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: Everything seemed to be normal on the Internet. Trolls reigned supreme with their tactics, until they began to get carried away with themselves, delving downwards as a result. Noticing their wit rapidly decreasing, a group of users known as the Trollfighters fought them, and thus, they started a most glorious war that ended with them winning triumphantly. The Trolls found their world crumbling down. What began as a joke online is now set to become a terrifying, insane reality in the real world, with the Trolls mysteriously gathering top-secret weapons and publicly attacking several cities across the globe. With ...

Our Dark Creations by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: An idea I recently had for a horror anthology film, with thirteen different stories, one of them being the wraparound story that ties everything together. All Hallows’ Eve A group of teenagers decide to prank a classmate of theirs on Halloween night, only to discover she’s a dangerous, mysterious creature who’s not what she originally lets on. Hanging from the Ceiling by its Toenails A family moves into a seemingly friendly, normal house, unaware that it’s home to a mysterious humanoid creature who stalks and kills every living thing that dares to enter its property. To Hell and Back ...

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