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12 Pains of Christmas by Bob Rivers

SYNOPSIS: A dark Christmas comedy based on the satirical Bob Rivers holiday-themed song of the same name, from his album Twisted Christmas. One week until Christmas, several ordinary people find themselves putting up with the pains of the holiday season, such as finding a Christmas tree, rigging up the lights, hangovers, sending Christmas cards, an onslaught of bills, facing the in-laws, charities, greedy whining children (which also ties into commercialism), finding parking spaces while shopping, gifts with no batteries or instructions, stale television specials, and singing Christmas carols. 'Tis the season of agony and despair. MPAA RATING: R for pervasive ...

Our Dark Creations by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: An idea I recently had for a horror anthology film, with thirteen different stories, one of them being the wraparound story that ties everything together. All Hallows’ Eve A group of teenagers decide to prank a classmate of theirs on Halloween night, only to discover she’s a dangerous, mysterious creature who’s not what she originally lets on. Hanging from the Ceiling by its Toenails A family moves into a seemingly friendly, normal house, unaware that it’s home to a mysterious humanoid creature who stalks and kills every living thing that dares to enter its property. To Hell and Back ...

Friday the 13th: Jason's End by Victor Miller

SYNOPSIS: A sequel to Friday the 13th: Return to Crystal Lake. It was thought that Jason was finally gone and left for dead, but as always, it was never meant to be. The man behind the mask is back again, taking the life of Megan Jarvis and putting Trish in the hospital. Megan's husband and Trish's younger brother Tommy vows revenge and puts together a team consisting of other survivors of Jason's reign of terror and destruction in order to finally put a stop to his mindless, merciless madness. MPAA RATING: R for pervasive strong bloody horror violence and gore, ...

Friday the 13th: Return to Crystal Lake by Victor Miller

SYNOPSIS: Twenty years after Jason Voorhees' last attack on the streets of New York, he's somehow made his way back to his old hunting and killing grounds: Camp Crystal Lake, in New Jersey, where it's now reopened and a new group of counselors are residing at for the summer, only to find themselves getting stalked and picked off one by one. The legend of Jason has come back home. MPAA RATING: R for pervasive strong bloody horror violence and gore, disturbing graphic images, terror throughout, language, sexual content/nudity, and drug use.

RoboCop/Terminator: Future Kill by Edward Neumeier, Michael Miner, James Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd, Frank Miller & Walter Simonsen

SYNOPSIS: An adaptation of the Dark Horse comic book RoboCop vs. The Terminator. After breaking into a Skynet database, resistance fighter Flo learns that Skynet only became self-aware by co-opting the mind of half-human, half-machine, all-police officer RoboCop. As she's sent back to destroy him, Skynet sends three Terminators to protect him in Detroit. Discovering that the technology used to build him is partly responsible for the future development of Skynet, RoboCop sets out to take down Skynet in the post-apocalyptic future single-handedly. MPAA RATING: R for strong bloody brutal violence throughout and pervasive language.

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