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The Commandos by Dawson Joyce & Jaime Wolf

SYNOPSIS: A sports action thriller based on an idea from this article about blockbuster filmmaking: In a pre-apocalyptic near-future, where the world is riven by internal conflict, deadly armed terrorists from across the globe start hijacking entire baseball teams, holding them hostage, forcing them to miss their games, and wiring stadiums to blow, in an attempt to chip away at national morale. When the New York Yankees are kidnapped on the same Fourth of July weekend their game with the Boston Red Sox is taking place at Fenway Park, the Pentagon recruits an elite squad of smooth-fielding, power-hitting anti-terrorists ...

Welcome to Earth by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: A satirical science fiction dark comedy-drama about humans and aliens living amongst one another peacefully on the planet Earth, struggling with their lives as extraterrestrial technology and politics are being incorporated into modern-day society. MPAA RATING: R for sexual content/nudity, language, some violence, and drug use.

Pig Society by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: A psychological thriller about a woman who discovers that her recently deceased younger sister's abusive former lover is part of a secret misogynistic criminal organization where men are paid millions of dollars to seduce, hurt, and kill women and pass their deaths off as accidents. MPAA RATING: R for strong killings, disturbing violent and sexual content including domestic abuse, intense images, some graphic nudity, and for language.

Deus Ex-Girlfriend Machina by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: A romantic fantasy comedy about a man who tries to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend using a sudden magical box that serves as an intentional deus ex machina whenever problems arise, basically doing whatever solves these issues the quickest and the best. MPAA RATING: R for language including sexual references, and some violence and drug use.

Devil's Fair by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: A supernatural action thriller slasher film that takes place at Devil's Fair, a horror-themed amusement park that was closed down many years ago due to a mysterious series of violent and gruesome accidents but is now reopened and back in business, attracting all sorts of fun-lovers and thrill-seekers and becoming an instant success once again. However, on Halloween night, what started all those years ago is about to return, as supernatural beings that inhabit the park possess mortals and wreak havoc, and it's up to a team of employees, security guards, paranormal researchers, and police officers to take them ...

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