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Somebody's Watching Me by Dawson Joyce & Kennedy "Rockwell" Gordy

SYNOPSIS: A horror film based on the famous song of the same name performed by Rockwell and Michael Jackson. The actual lyrics of the song would give you a good idea of how the story would play out. Hannah Pullman is a young woman with an average life. She works at a video retailer from 9 to 5 and all she wants is to be left alone in her home. That is, until she has this sudden feeling. A feeling that someone is watching her. She thinks she's going crazy until what began as merely a feeling, a thought, becomes ...

Invasion at 1600 by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: An action horror thriller detailing the events that transpire in the White House during a surprise attack and invasion at night where the President of the United States, the First Lady, and several occupants, Secret Service agents, and politicians are held hostage by people who turn out to not be who they originally claimed to be. MPAA RATING: R for strong bloody violence and language.

Under the Rose by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: Ray and Chris Blairkin used to be madly in love. Now, their marriage is deteriorating after over a decade. Ray scrambles to save it, but discovers that his wife is having a secret affair with another man. With the ordeal traumatizing him, his mind lost and his psyche damaged, he locks Chris up in their bedroom one day, trapping her in there. He forces her to confess all that she's hiding from him or else nothing will be worth saving. MPAA RATING: R for pervasive language, some sexual references, and a scene of violence.

Stories on 52nd Street by Dawson Joyce & Billy Joel

SYNOPSIS: Another series of music videos slash short films, following Beatlesverse, featuring covers of classic songs by Billy Joel. Each sketch would have its own story that fits the meaning of the song it’s accompanying.

The Ballad of Mack and Luca by Dawson Joyce

SYNOPSIS: A space western centering around Mack Yanfor, a cool, collected, charismatic bandit who discovers that Luca Dane, his feisty former flame who originated from a planet different than the one he was born on, has been declared the new leader of another gang of lawbreakers. As the spark between the two begins to suddenly rekindle, the crime of the millennium is almost ready to be put into motion. CHARACTERS: - MACK YANFOR, a cool, collected, charismatic bandit. African-American and in his mid-40's, but could probably pass for 5-10 years younger. A tough as nails but chiller than hell kind ...

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