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Logline: While left home alone for the weekend, a bright-eyed, mischievous young boy must defend his territory from thieves, who all underestimate just how much of a bloodthirsty monster he turns out to be. Pitch: The hard-R comedy is a gruesome satire of two popular early-to-mid-1990’s Hollywood trends: light-hearted family entertainment involving cool kids outwitting stupid adults by way of slapstick-heavy pranks, and dark horror-thrillers about seemingly innocent children who are actually cold-blooded psychopaths. Characters: The titular wretched tyke is one Billy Lewis, a seemingly charming, sweet-voiced young boy with a tendency to pull pranks on the people around him …


Logline: A young transgender girl, along with her mother and friends, goes on a surreal and life-threatening race against time to get back the money that she desperately needs for surgery. Plot: Riley Whitford, a twenty-year-old transgender woman living in Los Angeles, wakes up at morning on December 21st and gets ready for community college, her last day there before winter break. The holidays this year are set to be a special occasion for her, since on the day before Christmas Eve, she's scheduled to go in for gender confirmation surgery. Riley and her supportive mother, Emma, have worked various …


Logline: The Trollfighters must band together once more when the vengeance-seeking trolls join forces with the psychopathic alt-right to bring chaos to the world during the holiday season. Plot: The film opens in late June, in a coffee shop, where secretary Miranda Preston is having a conversation with Pollard, one of her colleagues from work. The chat relates to what had happened a week prior: her older brother Matthew and the Trolls' attacks across the globe, and their eventual defeat at the hands of the Trollfighters. Although Miranda despises her family for their hatefulness and has disowned them for years, …

FRIEND by Dawson Joyce; Based on the Novel by Diana Henstell; Based on a Screenplay by Bruce Joel Rubin

Logline: An intelligent young boy tries to revive his dying girlfriend by implanting a robotic microchip into her brain, only to discover too late that he's turned her into a terrifying monster seeking revenge on those who wronged her. Plot: Paul Conway is a smart but troubled teenager who is dealing with the divorce of his parents and the death of a classmate that he accidentally caused at his previous school. Paul, his newly single mother Jeannie, and BB, a robot he built and his only friend, move to the town of Welling, with the opening credits playing. Paul now …


Logline: Five Internet friends must band together outside to prevent Earth from feeling the wrath of a group of extremist Internet trolls who seek to purge the world into extinction after being humiliated by their losing a forum war. Plot: The film starts off in the city of New York, New York, which is under attack by the villains, the Trolls, who all loudly chant “Long live the Trolls!” over and over. Buildings are collapsing and people are dying left and right. A man's severed head literally flies towards the camera before the film cuts to black. The opening credits …

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