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The Place Where Hearts Are Broken by Dawson Joyce

An original jukebox musical that follows the lives and daily struggles of two lost young souls — Hudson, a self-destructive pill-popping alcoholic and hard rock-wannabe poet, and his ex-girlfriend, Jane, a recently-clean and sober prostitute who's having trouble paying the bills and, unbeknownst to him, is pregnant with his child — as we see how their shattered dreams of the past and their conflicted longing in the present might determine what lies in store for them in their futures. The story, at once a sobering character study and a scathing social critique, is set in the mean streets of early …

Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe (2008) by Justin Marks; Based on Characters from Mattel

The story details what first led to the conflict between He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe and eventual alter-ego of the vengeance-seeking Prince Adam, against the evil sorcerer Skeletor on the planet Eternia. Script here:

The Flash (2006) by David S. Goyer; Based on Characters from DC

Years after the death of his uncle Barry Allen, Wally West discovers that he’s been granted the same lightning-fast powers Barry had and must become the new Flash in order to stop the evil Victor Vesp, who plots to steal the Flash’s speed. Script here:

The Eden Project by Christina Hodson

When a race of genetically modified humans living secretly among us declare war on Man, the fate of the world is in the hands of a rogue “Synthetic” named Eve and a young girl who is about to discover she’s not all human. Script here:

Invertigo by Ehren Kruger & Bradley Cramp

When Earth's gravity is reversed after a long lost NASA probe crash lands in New York City, a team led by the Office of Emergency Management mounts a mission to save the planet from destruction. Script here:

Life and Death at Rue High by Dawson Joyce

Monica Greer: Lead guitar, lead singer. Jenny Morrison: Bass guitar, backing vocals. Violet Pearce: Drums. Hayley Cole: Piano, backing vocals. Together, these four high school seniors form the all-girls rock-'n'-roll cover band called the Pearls. While attempting to branch out into original music in the days leading up to graduation, the inseparable quartet finds itself becoming involved in a sick and twisted murder mystery at their school, and it eventually becomes more personal for them than they ever could have imagined.

Transformers 4 (2012) by Ehren Kruger

An early draft of the fourth Transformers film, which is wildly different (and I mean that in the very best way) from the finished product. The plot centers around a human scientist named Dr. Josie Beller, whose family was killed in the Chicago attack during the events of Dark of the Moon. She's attacked by the Decepticons and ends up fusing herself with robotics to become Circuit Breaker. Although she harbors hatred for the Autobots for their role in the destruction of Chicago, she must eventually join forces with them to do battle against the planet eater Unicron and his …

Man of Tomorrow by Dawson Joyce; Based on Characters from DC

A sequel to 2013's Man of Steel that would represent the second solo film for the DC Extended Universe's version of Superman, who goes up against new, dangerous threats such as the kryptonite power-sourced cyborg Metallo and the extraterrestrial android Brainiac, while also reconnecting with his girlfriend Lois Lane and the rest of humanity, as well as discovering a mysterious Kryptonian spacecraft containing his unbeknownst cousin Kara, who becomes Supergirl.

League of Assassins by Dawson Joyce; Based on Characters from DC

Another in my series of post-Joker standalone DC film ideas, this time a martial arts-terrorism action thriller centering around the titular team of villainous mercenaries dedicated to preserving life on Earth.

The Red Son by Dawson Joyce; Based on Characters from DC

Another in my series of post-Joker standalone DC film ideas, this time an adaptation of the Mark Millar graphic novel Superman: Red Son, in the style of films such as Medium Cool and both the original and remake of The Manchurian Candidate.

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