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Quietus Inn by Dawson Joyce & Vincent Garcia

SYNOPSIS: A young woman discovers she has inherited an old Hollywood hotel built during the 1920's from the grandmother she never knew. The hotel was the secret hangout area of many famous celebrities during the Golden Age of Hollywood. However, what she doesn't know is that the hotel has a long history of death and tragedy and she comes to learn that the hotel is in actuality a giant, living, breathing creature merely disguised as an old hotel. She has to escape before she becomes trapped and consumed for all eternity. MPAA RATING: R for horror violence, disturbing images, terror, ...

Past Not Done by Dawson Joyce & Vincent Garcia

SYNOPSIS: During the filming of a big-budget horror film, a stunt gone wrong results in a terrible accident that killed the film's lead star, causing the production to be shut down and the film to be cancelled. The film's director is heavily traumatized by the incident and quits the business, the film's producer (who was also the lead actor's girlfriend) is so angry with him she'll never speak to him ever again, and one of the crew members is also affected by this untimely tragedy, knowing he could've prevented the incident from occurring if he had been on the set ...

Refashion Fear by Dawson Joyce & Vincent Garcia

SYNOPSIS: Bianca Friedkin is a teenage girl who's a fan of all things horror, especially retro horror, from the classic Universal monster films of old to the splatter fests of the 1980's. After attending a horror convention, she ends up discovering that classic horror monsters have come from the fictional world to our real world. However, the monsters are all washed up and past their prime, depressed because people around the world are no longer capable of being frightened by them. Bianca sympathizes with them and decides to give them all a makeover to make them scary again. However, this ...

Maneater Elite by Dawson Joyce & Tristan Hartup

SYNOPSIS: A teen social horror thriller about Caitlin Ross, an idealistic yet shy teenage girl trying to survive her senior year, who gets terrorized by a secret club in her high school consisting of people partaking in cannibalistic activities and want others to join in on the fun, especially her. MPAA RATING: R for violence and gore, disturbing images, and language.

Police Academy by Dawson Joyce, Paul Maslansky, Neal Isreal, Pat Proft & Hugh Wilson

SYNOPSIS: A reboot of the Police Academy franchise, which would be more than just the broad comedy the original was. It would also feature dark comedy, satire of cop films and the action genre in general, and social commentary on police brutality and corruption. When the new mayor of a crime-ridden city loosens the restrictions on entering the police academy in order to get more cops on the street, all manner of oddballs enlist to join the force. The cadets all have to show initiative and courage when they are faced with tough situations out on patrol. MPAA RATING: R ...

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Maneater Elite

SYNOPSIS: A teen social horror thriller about Caitlin Ross, an idealistic yet shy teenage girl ...


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