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Planescape: Torment by Black Isle

A horribly scarred man wakes up in a mortuary. He has no idea who he is, or what he must do. His only clues are the tattoos on his body and his companion, a talking, floating skull, named Morte. Before leaving the mortuary, he encounters a ghost, who calls herself Deionarra, and who calls the man “my love.” This man, the Nameless One, must find out the truth about Deionarra, the skull, and himself.

Xenogears by Squaresoft

The countries of Aveh and Kislev have been at war for as long as anyone could remember. The small village of Lahan had been spared many of the horrors of war, until one day the gears, humanoid fighting machines, came. Fei Fong Wong, a young man with no memory of his past, climbs into one of the gears in a desperate attempt to save his village. What happened next would send Fei on a journey to find out the truth about Aveh, Kislev, the shadowy organization known as “Gebler,” and himself.

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