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JewelyJ's Titles

Losing Christina Chronicles by Caroline B Cooney

Mr. Shevington, the handsome principal. Mrs. Shevington , the dedicated teacher. Who better for Christina and Anya to board with while attending school on the mainland But something evil is happening at the Shevvington's house

Midnight For Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo

When Charlie Bone dicovers he can hear voices in pictures and photographs his horrible aunts send him off to Bloor's Academy. He soon discovers a dark secret about a stolen child and then everyone seems to be preventing him from solving the mystery

Danny Phantom (2010) by Butch Hartman

In Amity Park, Illnois shy ,Awkward Danny Fenton, the son of zealous ghost hunters gets caught inside his parent's ghost portal when it turns on fusing his DNA with ectoplasm and making him part ghosts. When his town becomes plagued by regular ghost invasions, he takes on the reponsibility of fighting for his ,and his town, friends' and family's saftey as well as the planet's

Popular Titles

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (90s)

If 47 Meters Down: Uncaged was Made in 1990s

Good Boys (90s)

What if Good Boys was Made in 1990s

Final Fight 2

After Belger's death in the previous game, the Mad Gear Gang is presumably destroyed and …

Final Fight 3

After the complete destruction of the Mad Gear Gang in the previous game, the power …

The Core

The Earth's core has stopped spinning. Disasters are happening around the globe, including; animals acting …


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