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hungergameslover15's Titles

Mid90s (1995) by A24

Mid90s if it came out 23 years earlier actually in the 90s

Boyhood (2004) by Richard Linklater

Boyhood if it was filmed from 1992-2004 and came out 14 years earlier

The Descendants (2001) by Fox Searchlight

The George Clooney movie The Descendants if it came out 17 years earlier

The Exorcist (2013) by William Freidkin

The Exorcist if it came out 40 years later.

A Simple Favor (1998) by Lionsgate

A Simple Favor if it came out 20 years earlier

Fall of '02 by A24

On Halloween night in the fall of 2002, A group of kids discover their friend's dead body while out trick-or-treating. As the investigation goes on, almost everyone in the town becomes a suspect. Characters: Sadie Hess, a plucky 10-year-old girl who becomes guilty about her friend's death Zachary Baird, a optimistic, idealist 9-year-old boy who is Susie's best friend. He also discovers their friend's body Jamie Phelps, a rebellious, but caring 10-year-old boy who's Susie's friend and also discovers their friend's body Spencer McGowan, Sadie, Jamie, and Zachary's friend who was murdered on Halloween night Maggie Hess, Sadie's mother Tom …

Stranger Things: 34 Years Later by The Duffer Brothers

It follows the characters 34 years after the events of the show Kids: mid or late 40s Teens: early 50s Adults: late 70's Erica: early 40's Holly: late 30's

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2008) by Universal Pictures

Jurassic World 2 if it came out 10 years earlier

Christine by John Carpenter

The 1983 film Christine if it came out today

Definitely, Maybe (2018) by Working Title Studios

Definitely, Maybe if it came out 10 years later

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The Shining (1960)

What if The Shining was made 20 years before it's release?

The Exorcist (1964)

What if The Exorcist was made 10 years before it's release?

Dracula (1981)

What if Dracula was made in the 1980's?


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