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hungergameslover15's Titles

Rocket Power by Nickelodeon Movies

Based on the 1999 Nickelodeon series, The film follows a young group of kids and their adventures playing extreme sports MPAA: Rated PG for some language and mild action

Untitled Queen Musical by Universal Pictures

A juxebox musical based on songs by Queen. Set in the mid 1980s, A young man named Thomas finds himself running away from a crime he was forced to commit, so he runs away to Manhattan where he a group of friends: Heather, an aspiring singer that recently left her controlling boyfriend, Roger, a gay photographer, and Jasper, his lover, Donovan, a rebellious guitarist, and Mary, a dancer that attends Julliard.

Everything Sucks!: 22 Years Later by Netflix

It follows the characters 22 years after the first season as they reunite for a high school reunion.

Stand by Me(2016) by Columbia Pictures

Stand by Me if it came out 30 years earlier/2 years ago.

Salute Your Shorts by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies

Based on the 90s Nickelodeon series of the same name, the film follows a group of teenagers at a summer camp Note: They need to actually be 15-16 years old MPAA: Rated PG for some language and suggestive humor

Mid90s(2008) by A24

Mid90s if it came out 10 years earlier

A Star is Born (2008) by Warner Bros. Pictures

A Star is Born if it came out 10 years earlier

2002 by A24

Set in the early 2000's, the film follows a group of 4th graders as they navigate through the ups and downs of childhood. Characters: Sadie Hess, a plucky 10-year-old girl Zachary Baird, a optimistic, idealist 9-year-old boy Jamie Phelps, a rebellious, but caring 10-year-old boy Spencer McGowan, Sadie, Jamie, and Zachary's friend Maggie Hess, Sadie's mother Tom Hess, Sadie's stepfather Oliver “Ollie” Hess, Sadie's older stepbrother Riley Hess, Sadie's little sister Jim Baird, Zachary's father Marsha Baird, Zachary's mother Lydia Phelps, Ollie's girlfriend and Jamie's older sister Lisa Phelps, Lydia and Jamie's mother Paul Phelps, Lydia and Jamie's father who …

The Florida Project (1997) by A24

The Florida Project if it came out 21 years earlier

Mid90s (1995) by A24

Mid90s if it came out 23 years earlier actually in the 90s

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