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Roald by Matthew Jenner

A biopic about one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, Roald Dahl. Dahl's famous characters come to life in his dream sequences when he is writing his books

Bela vs. Boris by Matthew Jenner

A spin-off of Ed Wood that focuses on Bela Lugosi, and his rivalry with Boris Karloff

In & Out (1980's) by Matthew Jenner

Howard Brackett is a high school teacher in a small town in Indiana with everything going for him; a nice job, an attractive fiancĂ© named Emily and respect from everyone. Everything changes in one night when a former high school student of his, named Cameron Drake, now a famous actor living in Hollywood, makes an acceptance speech after receiving an Academy Award for his portrayal of a homosexual army soldier and ‘outs’ Howard Brackett as his inspiration for his role. The media circus immediately begins as Howard desperately tries keep his life from falling apart by protesting that he is …

A Tribute to Monty Python's The Meaning of Life by Matthew Jenner

6 modern comedians get together to re-create Monty Python's comic masterpiece

Lost In Morocco - The Making Of Casablanca by Matthew Jenner

Ernest Oswald conducts interviews with the actors and crew of teh classic movie CASABLANCA, and includes all the drama and scandal behind the scenes

The Witches of Eastwick by Matthew Jenner

Alex, Jane, and Suki are three bored New England women left to live without their husbands. They innocently conjure up a mystery man, who could satisfy all their desires. A new man moves into town - and he fits the bill perfectly. Daryl Van Horne is filthy rich and wild eyed, and within days the three women have all discovered almighty power within themselves. Will good triumph over evil, or will Daryl continue to have his evil way with his witches ?

"What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?": The Gary Coleman Story by Matthew Jenner

A biopic about Gary Coleman (1968-2010)

Poe by Matthew Jenner

A biopic about Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1949)

Spinal Tap Reunion by Matthew Jenner

The band Spinal Tap reunite after 25 years since their break-up, for a final world tour Nigel is now a jazz pianist in a big hotel that he owns David is married to Jeanine and they are food critics Derek is retired and living in Liverpool

The Murder of Julia Wallace by Matthew Jenner

In 1931, William Herbert Wallace, a mousy insurance salesman, was given a message by a mysterious man calling himself “R.M. Qualtrough” who was interested in insurance. Wallace set out, only to find the address false, and when he returned home, he found his wife, Julia murdered. Wallace was accused of the murder. This film is a re-telling of this true story

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