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The Simpsons Origins: Ned Flanders by M.Jenner

One of the world's most asked questions is “Why does Homer Simpson hate Flanders?”. It is a mystery. This film explains Ned's life. From his beatnick parents to hs late wife


  1. David Silverman


  1. William H. Macy ... Ned Flanders
  2. Helen Locklear ... Maude Flanders
  3. Unknown Actors ... Rod and Todd Flanders
  4. Bruce Willis ... Homer Simpson
  5. Nicole Kidman ... Marge Simpson
  6. Unknown Actress ... Lisa Simpson
  7. Unknown Actor ... Bart Simpson
  8. Tom Hanks ... Rev. Lovejoy
  9. David Duchovny ... Ned's Father
  10. Gillian Anderson ... Ned's Mother
  11. Sylvester Stallone ... Dr. Foster
  12. Meryl Streep ... Helen Lovejoy

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