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The Haunting of Hampton Farm by Matthew Jenner

1985,In the Kansas town of Tracing, there was a farm owned by a kind and loving man named Henry Hampton. He was 45 and worked hard to provide fresh prduce and livestick for the town. One day, a real estate agent named Miles Ripley arrives at Hampton Farm and offers Henry $500 000 for the farm, as he needs the space for modernization. Henry refuses and Miles leaves, enraged. The following day, while Henry's wife and 2 children are out, Miles sneaks into Hampton Farm, and sees Henry, who is busy trimming the crops. Miles sneaks up on him and …


  1. Wes Craven


  1. Jim Carrey ... Henry Hampton
  2. Alec Baldwin ... Miles Ripley
  3. Joan Cusack ... Julie Hampton
  4. Jacob Kogan ... Mark Hampton
  5. Dakota Fanning ... Jenny Hampton
  6. Bill Murray ... Mayor Al Berrman
  7. Hank Azaria ... Builder 1
  8. Eddie Murphy ... Builder 2
  9. Matt Leblanc ... Builder 3
  10. Johnny Galecki ... Builder 4
  11. Jack Black ... Builder 5
  12. John Goodman ... Measurement Man
  13. William Shatner ... Owner of Mall
  14. Jim Parsons ... Town Soldier

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