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A fanfiction writer with an interest in anime internet and FOOD

HazyDreamstar's Titles

Soaring and Falling:the Diaries of a Child Celebrity by Idea by Danielle George

12-year old Sara Hanson makes it big as a preteen pop performer with a music corporation and Starlee Cameron is born. Things seem wonderful but when the company backing Starlee joins with another company who has a young star of their own the scene is unwittingly set for trouble. The new girl is seemingly innocent and has been at the child star business longer than Sara and wants her out of the picture. She ‘befriends’ Sara and uses her naiveté and insecurity to begin causing her downfall. Rumors are started and scandalous stories about Sara are sent to the papers. …

Danielle Phantom by original series:Butch Hartman

What if Ghost scientists Jack and Maddie Fenton didn't have a son, but a daughter, naive Danielle “Danni” Fenton. Prompted by her guy friends Sam and Tucker Danielle enters the portal and after an accident she discovers that she can sense ghosts and sinister magical beings and use kinetic powers. Danni struggles to battle dark ghosts and maintain a normal life but many of the other students are suspicious including the tough and motivated Val and the popular school playboy Dash Baxter. She also must deal with Skulker hunting her and Aragon trying to marry her. She gains a deadly …

N.I.M.H. by Robert OBrien

Years ago a boy named Jonathan Frisby among many others were captured by some rogue scientests and used as experiments for modern medicine. In a horrible accident they gained powers and super intellegence. They used this to escape. Now the widow of the grown Jon Frisby has four (exceptional) children of her own. Their house has been marked for government use and they must move out. Only problem Timothy Frisby is extremly ill and can't go outside.

Popular Titles

Comet: The Christmas Reindeer

A Reindeer name Comet is sent from the North Pole with an Elf name Al …

Even Stevens (2003-2020)

If Even Stevens came out on Disney+ Like Lizzie Maguire having a revival

The Country Bears

What if 2002 The Country Bears was Released today?


If 2001 Bones was Made a Remake?

Jingle Bell Rock

High School Musicians are ready perform a band for the Christmas Dance


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