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Hailey's Titles

Escape 2000 by Tito Carpi, Enzo G. Castellari, Dardano Sacchetti

A vicious corporation tries to kill and starve the last remaining habitants of the Bronx in order to build their own high-rise developments. A lone long-haired hot-tempered warrior, Trash, is the only obstacle well, him, a psychopathic bomb-maker and his equally psychopathic pre-school son, an annoying activist help him out, by kidnapping “the President” (of the corporation), a Richard Dreyfuss look-a-like. There's another psychopathic, this one on the side of the corporations.

The Goodies by Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, and Bill Oddie

The Goodies are a three man agency whose brief is to do ‘anything, anytime’. The wacky trio gets into one wacky and adsurb scheme/adventure after another.

Cyborg 009 by Shōtarō Ishinomori

The tale of nine regular humans (a baby, a gang member from New York City, a French woman, a German refugee, a Native American, a Chinese farmer, a British actor, an African tribesman, and a troubled half-Japanese youth) kidnapped by the evil Black Ghost organization to undergo human experiments. The result of this tampering are nine cyborgs, each one having super human powers. The nine cyborgs band together to fight for their freedom and to stop Black Ghost. The evil organization's goal is to start the next world war, by supplying any rich buyer their choice of countless weapons of …

The Mad World of William M. Gaines by Frank Jacobs

The wild life and times of Mad Magazine publisher, William M. Gaines. From his early career to contraversy with comics like “Tales from the Crypt” to Mad's international sucess.

The Partridge Family by Screen Gems Productions

A widowed mother and her children form a music group to make ends meet.

The Wild Thronberries by Klasky-Csupo

A live-action verison of the Cartoon

South Park (live action) by Matt Stone and Trey Parker

What if the cartoon was live action which actors would play the roles! Just wondering you know!

M*U*S*C*L*E Revisted by

A gang of little pink fighting men have to save the world or something!

Tommy by The Who

Based on the 1975 movie, the 1968 album or The contemperary Broadway musicial!

Spongebob Squarepants by Steve Hillenburg

A live-action movie based on the cartoon?

Popular Titles

Rage: the Movie

In the year 2135, a man known as “Ark Survivor” awakes from cryogenic preservation; he …

DC Marvel Alliance

The worlds of Marvel and DC have been opened, and the Marvel universe had just …

Avengers vs. Star Wars

The Avengers try to stop the First Order from invading Earth

21 Bridges (90s)

What if 21 Bridges Was Made in 1990s

Bloodshot (90s)

If it was made in the 90s.


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