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The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

Two “C” students, George and Harold, hypnotize their torturous principal, Mr. Krupp, to be their ridiculous made-up comic book character Captain Underpants, who's stronger than boxer shorts, faster than a speeding waistband, and able to jump over tall buildings without getting a wedgie! Although they pulled him out of the trance, a simple snap of the fingers turns Mr. Krupp back into Captain Underpants.

Lenore by Roman Dirge

A romp into a dark, surreal world, complete with the adventures of a cute little dead girl, limbless cannibals, clock monsters, cursed vampire dolls, taxidermied friends, an obsessed would-be lover, fairy tales gone wrong, and more fuzzy animal mutilations than should be legal.

Squee by Jhonen Vasquez

A spin-off of the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, this follows the unintentional escapades of Todd Casil, better known as Squee. With Teddy bear, Scmee, at hand, poor Squee is tormented with the most grotesque, morbid, macabre, and just nightmarish adventures anyone has ever seen, just to be sent to an asylum by his parents.

Deady the Teddy by Voltaire

Urkor Malrevenous, the universe's most powerful lawyer-turned villain, is out to conquer earth! But the problem is, he's stuck in the body of a plush bear! Despite his dark powers and best efforts, he is never taken seriously.

The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson

In London's busiest train station, on platform 13, is an old doorway covered in peeling posters, but when opened, is a gateway to a fantasy land where humans live happily with mermaids, ogres, and other creatures. After it's beloved prince is stolen by a wealthy, beastly woman named Mrs. Throttle, the King and Queen employ a wizard, a fey (beings who can spontaneously grow plants), an ogre, and a hag to rescue him. Much to their disgust, he has grown up to be a spoiled rotten, selfish, and fat child. So, instead, they bring back the humble kitchen boy, Ben; …

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez

Maniacal Johnny (Nny for short) goes on his usual killing sprees (As the name implies), not only because he is a lunatic, but he needs a fresh coat of blood painted on his wall to prevent an unnamed evil from escaping from within it. He takes advice from Psycho Doughboy and Mr. Eff. Both are motivating Nny to either kill himself or keep killing other people. He also listens to Nail Bunny, a bunny he nailed on the wall, who is Nny's good side. He scares the bejeesus out of his neighbor Squee. He has a basement filled with Pit …

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

A “garden tale” of farmer versus vermin, or vice versa. The farmers in this case are a vaguely criminal team of three stooges: Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. Their sole objective is the extermination of our hero–the noble, the clever, the Fantastic Mr. Fox. When they lay siege to his den, he tunnels to where the farmers least expect him–their own larders! In the end, Mr. Fox not only survives, but also helps the whole community of burrowing creatures live happily ever after. (

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy by Midway

The Evil Mage Garm, brother of the all powerful wizard Sumner, collects the 13 rune stones to tap into the power of the underworld. But unleashes Scorne, prince of the underworld! Scorne kills Garm and scatters the rune stones across the eight realms of the land. It is up to a group of warriors to find the rune stones and destroy Scorne once and for all.

Nosferatu by Bram stoker and F.W. Murnau

Wily real estate agent Knock sends his best agent, Thomas Hutter, to Transylvania, to sell a piece of property to the vampiric Count Orlock. Orlock becomes infatuated with Hutter's wife, Ellen. Quickly after being discovered of his vampirism by Thomas, he goes to the town of Bremen for Ellen, while spreading a plague of rats. Knock heralds the arrival of his master in his sylum cell. It is up to Ellen to destroy this century-old fiend once and for all.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Hans Janowitz and Robert Weine

Our hero, Francis is talking to a man, apparently in a garden, and explains the cause of the near-catatonic state of his fiancĂ©e, Jane. Francis tells the story of the annual fair in his small home village, and the visit to that fair by a mysterious hypnotist, Dr. Caligari. Caligari's act consists of a somnambulist in a box, Cesare, who only awakens from his sleep at Caligari's behest. When so awakened, Cesare will tell people's fortunes. Despite Francis' protest, his best friend Alan asks the psychic “How long have I to live?” Cesare's answer, “Until dawn tomorrow,” proves to be …

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