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The Adventures of Dr. McNinja by Chris Hastings

Raised in the art of ninjitsu and trained in the medical profession, Dr. McNinja heals with one hand and kills with the other as he takes part in over-the-top adventures. Whether trying to stop a ninja drug released by vengeful action star Frans Rayner or battling Dracula on the Moon, there's no adventure too crazy for Dr. McNinja.

Megas XLR by Jody Schaeffer and George Krstic

In the year 3037, Earth is fighting a losing war against the Glorft. To try to win the war, they plan to send a giant robot named Megas to 3035 to turn the tide at a critical battle. However, an attack by the Glorft destroys the head and timedrive of Megas, sending it to the year 1936. In the present day, two metalheads named Jamie and Coop discover the robot in a junkyard in New Jersey and buy it, tinkering with it by hooking up a hot rod where the head once was, attaching video game controllers to maneuver the …

The Shadow by Walter B. Gibson

Once a pilot during World War I, ace pilot Kent Allard needed a new drive in his life. During some work as a mercenary, he was shown how his talents could be used in the war against crime. Learning from a Buddhist monk the power to cloud men's minds, Allard made his way to New York City, where he fights crime as the Shadow while also using the identity of Lamont Cranston, a local millionaire who bears an uncanny resemblance to Allard.

The Spirit by Will Eisner

Working as a police officer in Central City, Denny Colt was exposed to a nerve gel that made it appear he had died. Now, with nearly the whole city believing he is dead, he has created a new idenity for himself: The Spirit, dedicating himself to fighting crime. His major target is the Octagon, a criminal organization headed by the mysterious Octopus.

WarioWare, Inc. by Nintendo

It's never a dull moment in Diamond City, for craziness can always be found there. From Wario's plan to make money off of very short films strung together to Ashley's pursuit of magical power, chaos can be found just around the corner.

The Legend of Shazam! by C.C. Beck and Bill Parker

Living on the streets of Fawcett City, Billy Batson is an orphan who works as a paperboy. One day, he sees a man who looks like his father. Following him into the subway, he is brought upon a magical train that takes him to a cavern. There, he meets the Wizard Shazam, who endows him with incredible powers and a transformation into an adult by saying the word shazam. Now, Billy Batson uses his powers to defend Fawcett City from all sorts of evil.

Super Mario Bros. by Shigeru Miyamoto

In this animated film based on the popular video game series, the Mushroom Kingdom has been attacked by the armies of Bowser and Princess Peach has been kidnapped. Crossing over to this strange world are Mario and Luigi, two plumbers from Brooklyn who stumbled in via a warp pipe. Believed to be two prophecized heroes of legend, they are sent to rescue Princess peach and to defeat Bowser before he takes control of the whole Mushroom Kingdom.

Punch-Out!! by Nintendo

In the WVBA, a newcomer has arrived to prove his worth: Little Mac. Now, with the training of former heavyweight champion Jerome “Doc” Louis, Little Mac intends to make it to the top, tackling on a colorful cast of characters along the way.

Metal Men by Bob Kanigher and Ross Andru

Scientist Will Magnus has developed a wonderous new invention: the responsometer. With this device, he can animate robots, which take on the personalities and characteristics of their base metals. Now, with six of these robots he has developed (Mercury, Iron, Lead, Gold, Tin, Platinum), they do battle against mad scientists and cutting-edge technology gone wrong.

Team Fortress by Valve

In the world of espionage and warfare, there are two opposing sides who rule to roost: BLU and RED. Based upon the popular video game Team Fortress 2, follow members from both sides as they fight against each other for domination.

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