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enforcer's Titles

Mile 22 (2008) by Peter Berg

if it was made 10 years ago

The Predator (2008) by Shane Black

if it was made 10 years ago

Tomb Raider (1998) by Roar Uthaug

20 years ago

Ant-man & The Wasp (2008) by Peyton Reed

10 years ago

Judgment Night by Stephen Hopkins

if it was made now Movie about a group of guys going to a boxing fight and they witness a murder on the way.

Popular Titles

The Rundown

What if The Rundown was made today?

Nick of Time

A remake of the 1995 film starring Johnny Depp

Kung Fu Magoo

Join Mr. Magoo and his nephew, Justin, as they dodge giant robotic spiders and jetski ...

Mile 22 (2008)

if it was made 10 years ago

Mile 22 (2028)

Mile 22 made 10 years later


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