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enforcer's Titles

Prison Break (Live Action) by Paul Scheuring,Brett Ratner

If the show Prison Break was a movie.

The Expendables 2(70s) by Sylvester Stallone,Simon West

If The Expendables was made in the 70s.

Judge Dredd by Danny Cannon

What if this version of Judge Dredd was remade the 1995 version

Predator(2007) by Jim & John Thomas,John Mctiernan

20 years later

Aliens(2016) by James Cameron

30 years later.

Popular Titles

Trolls (2026)

Trolls made 10 years later.


a Remake of the 1979 Comedy with Dudley Moore & Bo Derek

Sing (2026)

Sing made 10 years later.

Please Sir!

Mr. Hedges, the somewhat naive and idealistic teacher of the rebellious Class 5C, lobbies to ...

Batman (1990's) Alternate Cast

Alternate 1990's Cast for Batman.


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