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13 Dead End Drive by Milton Bradley, Dr Heliotrope

Aunt Agatha dies, and her will is quite strange - it states that whoever is the last beneficiary alive will get her fortune. Can the heirs kill each other before the arrival of a detective from the local police department, or will the detective arrive and arrest the heirs? Characters Aunt Agatha: The dowager heiress whose fortune everyone is competing for. The Detective: A detective at the local police department trying to get to the mansion to arrange Agatha's plans. Poopsie: Agatha's beloved but sadistic Persian cat, who will become one of the world's richest pets if she inherits. Beauregard …

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Gloom Looms by Lemony Snicket, Dr. Heliotrope

The A Series of Unfortunate Events series wraps up as the Baudelaire orphans explore the mountains, a submarine, a hotel, and an island.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Dilemma Deepens by Lemony Snicket, Dr. Heliotrope

The Baudelaires are sent to live at a mysterious village, a hospital, and a carnival.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Situation Worsens by Dr. Heliotrope, Lemony Snicket (books)

The Baudelaire orphans are sent to live at a lumbermill, a boarding school, and a penthouse. Note: The casts for the main characters will remain the same. They can be found here:

Mr. Garfield by Dr. Heliotrope

It was just supposed to be a train ride. On July 2, 1881, at the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station in Washington, D.C., President James A. Garfield was shot and mortally wounded by mentally ill jobseeker Charles Guiteau. This film, in ‘Lincoln’-esque style, documents the days up to Garfield's assassination and the weeks after he was wounded.

Vacation? by Doctor Heliotrope

Dr. Ian Powers, the most brilliant man in the world, goes on vacation to luxurious Half Moon Bay. However, he gets caught up in a murder on his first night there. When more and more vacationers turn up dead, Ian realizes that a serial killer is on the loose.

Schooled by Doctor Heliotrope

'Schooled' follows 16 teachers and faculty members of Greenwood Charter School and their mishaps before and after school.

Murder on Mars by Doctor Heliotrope

Mars is colonized, however, there is no air outside the tubes. So when an explorer goes missing, there is a lot of speculation about where he went. Is he just hiding in his bunk? Or did he hatch a mission to fly back to Earth? Detective: Nathaniel Seabury Suspects: Gemma White Chester Crawley Jessica Huang Marc Morrisson Ann Senntson Lorenzo Karmne Victims: Ron Gleason Kymberly Rowlands Chris Bowworthy Other Characters: Sarah Seabury Dominic Warwiche

Villainy by Disney, Doctor Heliotrope

Seeking revenge, eight Disney villains locked away inside an asylum on an island kept under constant watch, attempt to escape and wreak havoc on the peaceful kingdom of Yensid.

Hiding by Doctor Heliotrope

When a family of five is moved to a safe house in Beverly Hills, California, after witnessing a hit man murder three people, they must adjust to their new life as well as making sure that the hit man doesn't go out of his way just to kill them. Characters Edward Doyle - The patriarch of the Doyle family. Maggie's husband and Asher, Riley, and Charlie's father. Maggie Doyle - The matriarch of the Doyle family. Edward's wife and the mother of Asher, Riley, and Charlie. Asher Doyle - The oldest child of Edward and Maggie. He is an avid …

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