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Looking for Prince Charming by Anonymous

Alex Burton was ready to live her life as the "Single One", then Chris came crashing into her life. She has no idea what to do, dating is so new to her. Does she need to change who she to keep him.

Batgirl (Netflix TV Series) by Bob Kane & Netflix

What if Netflix did a TV Series of Batgirl?

Your Top 10 TV Shows of 2017 by Everyone

I known it too early to cast vote and 2017 is not over yet. I want you to vote your picks in the numbered sections and then comment your personal lists. Shows that still on the air is welcome too (current season).

Wonder Woman by CW Network

What if CW Network had Wonder Woman?

The Girl Who Ran by Anonymous

Alice Kingston is a teenage girl who lives with her aunt and uncle since she was six and now a high school graduate. After graduated, she has trouble relationship with her wealthy boyfriend and now she has own apartment and start working as photographer. One day, she witness a murder at her job and the man who was murder told her gave this to the CIA, before he died. Alice learns that she involved of espionage, and now in danger. Alice only choices to do this herself and help with a former CIA agent. Inspired by Enemy of the State, ...

Popular Titles

Everything Everything (1987)

If Everything Everything was made 30 years earlier


In an alternate Earth, Humans and fantastical creatures/beings are struggling to co-exist with each other ...

12 Years a Slave (1973)

If 12 Years a Slave was made 40 years earlier.

The Invaders (All Grown Up)

If The Invaders become adults instead of children and actual teens

Popeye (2017 Animated Movie)

The supposed animated Popeye movie before Sony decided to cancel in favor of "The Emoji ...


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