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Deadwatcher1116's Titles

Batman: Gotham Crusader by FOX

A sequel series to Fox's Gotham

Hook (2016) by Steven Spielberg

If Hook was made 25 years later.

Apocalypse Z VI by Universal Studios

It is the sixth and final installment in the Apocalypse Z series Plot The Predators have taken over Fort Collins and the whole community now lives under The predators' rules and imprisoned others, also forcing some of the members into slavery and raping some of the women there. John devises a new strategy to deal with the Predators, but a member of his group attempts to betray him and their group. John is forced to halt his plan. One of the Predators, Kirk (who killed Carl), offers to help the group take back Fort Collins. John, Melody, Cole, and the …

Apocalypse Z V by Universal Studios

Two months have passed since the events of the previous story. The walls of the Fort Collins community have been repaired and expanded since a horde of zombies nearly took them down, and the main group and the residents are living a seemingly normal lifestyle. However their haven will not last long when their home is threaten by a vast group of hostile survivors called the Predators, lead by a psychopathic man named William Carter. Unlike the previous enemies the Chicago group have encountered these survivors might be too powerful for them to handle. MPAA: Rated R for strong violence/gore, …

Apocalypse Z IV by Universal Studios

Plot 4 weeks after the deaths of Marcus and Val, John has taken charge of the group. The group continues to reel from the deaths of Marcus Edwards and Valeria Barraza, with John Tyler taking the losses the hardest and at some point becomes suicidal. They run across a friendly man named Logan who claims he is trustworthy and can escort them to a large, walled-off community of survivors in Fort Collins, Colorado. The community in Fort Collins is a walled community led by a man named Sergeant Carl Goodman. John's group settles into Fort Collins and take jobs in …

Apocalypse Z III by Universal Studios

Three weeks after the encounter with the cannibals, the main group have found an abandoned high school overrun by zombies. They easily secure the school and make it their new home overtime. But their euphoria is shattered when they are threatened by a group of heavily armed marauders who may put their new home and their own the group's lives at risk. Characters: John Tyler, a former college student who has taken a leadership role within group. Valeria “Val” Barraza, a former mechanic and John's girlfriend. Wayne Kessey, a young inexperienced yet a resourceful and intellectual survivor. Roy Stark, a …

Apocalypse Z II by Universal Studios

Two months after the events of the first movie, the group leave their camp and are now on the road as Lauren is close to giving birth. The group then encounters another mysterious survivor, Johanna. During a zombie attack, Lauren's water breaks and is forced to go into labor at the moment. Lauren gives birth to a girl, which she names Darla. Lauren dies from childbirth and her body is devoured by zombies as Melody watches in horror. Afterwards Melody is visibly traumatized and becomes distant from Don and her newborn niece. Back on the road, the group are attacked …

Wolverine III: Weapon X by Marvel

The Third stand alone Wolverine movie

Apocalypse Z by Universal Pictures

College student John Tyler blacks out during a Fraternity party after he heavily drinks and consumes drugs and wakes up in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Tyler wonders through the city of Chicago and encounters a horde of zombies. Tyler is saved by a group of survivors whom he joins their camp and will now face the zombie apocalypse. MPAA: Rated R for strong violence/gore, sexual references, and language. Characters: John Tyler - a 22 year old college student who wakes up in the zombie apocalypse and quickly adapts into the new world. Marcus Edwards - a former special …

The Odyssey (2016) by Homer

Greek hero Odysseus travels back home after the fall of Troy. It takes Odysseus ten years to reach Ithaca after the ten-year Trojan War. In his absence, it is assumed he has died, and his wife Penelope and son Telemachus must deal with a group of unruly suitors, who compete for Penelope's hand in marriage. Odysseus, king of Ithaca Penelope, queen of Ithaca Telemachus, son of Odysseus and Penelope Circe, a beautiful witch, who turns Odysseus' men into animals. She put a spell on Odysseus so he stayed on the island for five years instead of five days. Calypso, a …

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