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Just here for laughs.

ChrisMcC's Titles

Star Trek: Galaxy by Gene Roddenberry

The Federation's new flagship, the U.S.S. Archer, is built to be the first vessel to cross outside of our known galaxy. Is this a one-way trip?

The Monkees by Mike Nesmith

A day in the life of the band, The Monkees.

The Matrix Rebooted by The Wachowski Brothers

A computer hacker finds that there is something not quite right about the life he is living, but cannot quite put his finger on why. Which will it be? The red pill, or the blue pill. Choose wisely.

The X-Files: I Am Iron Man by Stan Lee and Chris Carter

Mulder and Scully find the burned out remains of the Iron Man suit and begin a race against time to get Tony Stark his next drink before he sobers up. They are also joined by other friends for the climactic closing dance number.

Star Trek XLII: Death by Vogon Poetry by Douglas Adams and Gene Roddenburry

A cross over between Gene Roddenburry's Star Trek universe and the characters from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy. We find Arthur, Ford, Zaphod and Trillium as they accidentally hitch a ride on the Starship Enterprise…the question is, which Enterprise?

StyxWorld by Tommy Shaw

A comedy version of the history of the band Styx

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Wreck It Ralph (Disney+ Animated Series)

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Valentine (1985)

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