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Anything Goes by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse Music by Cole Porter

Wall-Street employee Billy Crocker (baritone) sneaks aboard a cruise ship for the sake of Hope Harcourt (operatic soprano) the woman he loves who is about to marry a very dim-witted englishman Sir Evelyn Oakleigh (tenor type voice). While onboard he mistaken for Public Enemy Number One so he goes through a variety of disguises so no one would regonize him. He makes new friends like second rate gangster Moon-Face Martin (he sings but he's not that good), his attractive companion Bonnie Letour (nasely mezzo-soprano), the nightclub-singer/evangilist Reno Sweeny (smokey alto), her four backup singers (Angels) Purity, Chastity, Charity and Virtue …

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee by Rachel Sheinkin

A group of Grade School misfits goes for the much sougt after gold in this Musical Comedy based on the Tony award winning Broadway Show!

Cinderella by Charles Perault

Once upon a time in a far a away land there was widowed gentleman and his little daughter Daniella. Feeling that she needed some sisters, he married again.His new wife was a lady of high class with two daughters a year older than Daniella, Venus and Olivia. It was upon the death of this good man however, that the stepmother's true nature was reveled. Cold, cruel and jealous of Daniella's charm and beauty. As the years past the house was falling apart and the fortune was squarendered on Venus and Olivia while Daniella was abused hulimated and finally forced to …

Beauty and the Beast by Linda Woolverton

Once upon a time a beautiful young woman named Belle dreamed of finding the right man. But the right man was far away because the only man that was pining for her was brutish aggragont vain hunter named Gaston. But she had other problems to worry about. Her father was prisoner to a horrible ugly beast! So Belle asked the Beast if she could go in her father's place. The Beast idmentatly accepted. Belle and the Beast were two complete opposites at first but when she looked into his heart she found the man of her dreams. The showstopping tunes …

Chicago by Kander and Ebb

At a time when crimes of passion resulted in celebrity headlines nightclub seansation Velma Kelly and spotlight seeking hopeful Roxie Hart land themselves in Chicago's famed Muderdess Row! They also share Billy Flynn the town's slickest lawyer known for turning guilty defendants into innocent lengends. But in Chicago there can only be one legand!

The Fairly Oddparents by Nickelodian

When his parents hire an evil babysitter named Vicky. Timmy Turner gets fairy godparents. Comso the fairy godfather is an idoit and Wanda the fairy godmother is the smartest of the two. With their help Timmy tourtues Vicky.

The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber

In 1870 the Paris Opera was haunted by a mysterious disfigured phantom.

Pepper Ann by Sue Rose

12 year-old Pepper Ann Pearson tries to through her first year of middle school with friends a serect crush on an eighth grader and a super embassrsiing mother!

Dave the Barbarian by Disney

Dave the Barbarian his sisters Princess Candy and Fang his wizard Uncle Ozwige his enchanted sword Lula and his pet dragon Faffy defend the kingdom of Urdergoth the Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy. Based on the Disney Channel Series

Oklahoma! by Lynn Riggs Rogers and Hammerstien

Rogers and Hammerstien's classic musical is crown jewel of their organization.

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