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Darrell's Next Misfire by Sony/Columbia Pictures

Meghan Glover is a young but highly promising actress, everyone is saying that she could be the next big thing. One day when she visits her moms house, she discovers a terrible secret about her, she finds out that when she was a little girl, her mom put her in a forgotten and highly panned raunchy movie where she was put in a very embarrasing, cringeworthy and repulsive situation. After watching that movie, Meghan decides to get revenge on Darrell Schmitt, the hack director that made him do that. She turns down the opportunity to star in an Oscar bound ...

The Last of his Kind by Universal Pictures

In the year 2069, a boy and two thieves trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic encounter a traveling circus where the boy develops a forbidden friendship with a very rare and strange creature only known as Comet, he's the last of his kind. But when the boy discovers that the circus showman sold Comet to a mean businessman, he and the thieves decide to set Comet free from his cage and go on a dangerous adventure to give Comet shelter and try to find him a new home to live his life away from cannibals, bussinessmen and other slimy people ...

Black Mass (2025) by Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper's Black Mass made 10 years later RATED R for brutal violence, language throughout, some sexual references and brief drug use

Artificial Life by Warner Bros Pictures

Welcome to Midland Grove, a small town full of nice people that's inside an online life simulation game (exactly like The Sims), where every people living there is an avatar controlled by users living on a real world. The only times where those avatars are in freedom to do anything they want are when the user is not commanding them to do actions or when the user closes the game. The main story revolves around a teenage avatar named Eddie Barton. His life will take a strange turn when somehow he discovers in his dreams the truth about that artificial ...

The Nice Guys (2026) by Shane Black

Shane Black's The Nice Guys made 10 years later RATED R for violence, sexuality, nudity, language and brief drug use

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Biopic of Mexican Singer Gloria Trevi during the 90s

Blade: The Nightstalkers

The second film of Marvel's Blade reboot trilogy. Synopsis: Two years have passed since ...

Blade: War of the Darkholders

The third/last film of Marvel's Blade reboot trilogy. Synopsis: Alongside Doctor Strange, the three detectives ...

Breaking Bad (1980's)

If Breaking Bad was made in the 1980's.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Alternate Cast)

What if the Amazing Spider-Man was made with a different cast


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