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Parasite (HBO Miniseries Adaptation) by Bong Joon-ho

HBO is developing an American remake of the film Parasite. Who should star? SPOILERS IN CHARACTER LIST!

1963 by A Person

NOTE: All characters are real people unless otherwise stated. Immediately after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the FBI rounds up suspects and interrogates them. Only problem is, all of the suspects claim someone else did it. The suspects are: Lee Harvey Oswald: Claims the CIA hired him to act as a fall-guy for the assassination. James Angleton (CIA agent): Claims Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Gary Bimmer (conspiracy theorist, fictional character): Claims Joe DiMaggio killed JFK as revenge for the murder of Marilyn Monroe. George Hickey (secret service agent): Claims the mafia put on a hit on JFK. Carlos …

Once In a Lifetime by David Byrne

A jukebox musical based on songs from Talking Heads, the story follows Richard Halen, a 40-something father who flees his suburban life to join a religious cult on a road trip across the country. They run into several strange people, including a motel manager with fantasies of murder, a scientist building a supercomputer to answer fundamental questions about the universe and an FBI agent struggling with asthma. Characters Richard Halen: A father who has a mid-life crisis and leaves his family behind to find purpose. Phillip Dante: The founder of a cult named The Lamp. Lady W: A young nameless …

Pulp Fiction (TV Series, Season 1) by A Person

In the vein of the Fargo TV series, each season of this TV adaptation of Pulp Fiction will be its own self-contained story. Synopsis An ambitious hitman, Brian Balkon, is hired to take out James Bennett, one of the biggest crime bosses in LA. But when he's tipped off, the assassin is forced to go on the defensive with the reluctant help of one of Bennett's perpetually stoned enforcers, Wesley Duffers. Meanwhile, Brian's partner Rick Jerga is injured and sent to a criminal hospital, when the lunatics break out and take over the hospital. Characters Brian Balkon: The ambitious hitman. …

Class by A Person

A workplace sitcom based around the facility of Glenn Burrows High School. Characters: Tim Parnell: The principal. Innocent and optimistic, more so than some of the students. Jeff Boche: The history teacher. Gruff but caring. Considered the sexy teacher, much to his chagrin. Susanne Pecking= Tim's secretary. Completely bizarre, may have killed somebody. Mary Landerburn= The science teacher. Appears calm, but is secretly a bundle of neuroses. Currently dating Jeff. James Hullen= The gym teacher. Content to ride out the clock until retirement. Tom Chigs= The new student teacher for Jeff. Is constantly bossed around by the teachers and students. …

Encounters by A Person

An animated sci-fi comedy tv show about a cynical alien child named Larry and his adoptive human brother Sam, as they deal with the stupidity and weirdness of modern day life. Other characters include: Bob: Larry's dorky adoptive father. Ellie: Larry's stressed-out adoptive mother. NICK: A pop-culture referencing robot that everyone loves except for Larry. Principal Jackson: The principal of Larry and Sam's school who doesn't really care about anything. Agent Smith: An agent of the FBI secretly hunting and killing aliens. The big bad of the show.

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