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tomboy and girly girl

batboy1999's Titles

The Martian (1995) by Ridley Scott

The Martian made 20 years earlier.

Inside Out (1985) by Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures

Inside Out made 30 years earlier.

Ready Player One (1980's) by Steven Spielberg

What if the movie Ready Player One was made in the 1980's?

Aladdin (2009) by Walt Disney Pictures

What if the movie was made in the 2000's?

Wonder Woman (2007) by Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman made 10 years earlier.

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The Martian (1995)

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Popular Titles

L.A. Confidential

If L.A. Confidential was made today

Easy Rider

what if Easy Rider was made today


A prequel film set before and during the events of Black Panther focusing on the ...

Batman movie series

A new batman movie series directed by J.J abrams

Supergirl (1980's) Reboot

What if the Supergirl became a reboot re-written by David Odell and Richard Lester ? ...


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