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Less of the driverless car by Alan Phasey

two hapless Gamers on hearing of a new online driving game decide to hack the Software storage site. A combination of their misguided efforts and and bad timing sees them downloading the Google driver-less car management software as it is being uploaded to a storage cloud. As the two clueless gamers start playing what they think is the beginnings of an awesome on line driving game in the style of Grand theft Auto. Hilarity ensues as unsuspecting Driverless Car owners are taken for the ride of their lives controlled by gamers intent on reeking as much havoc as they can ...

Mars- One way by Alan Phasey

NASA has been searching for a Candidate for a one way trip to Mars. To keep the human rights groups happy they have agreed that the candidate must have a terminal incurable ailment. Henry is eventually selected trained and sent to space on this one way adventure. All starts off well, with constant comunication from earth, but eventually the communications fade away and Barry's morale and health steeply decline. In a delerious state he is suddenly aware of other beings that have now taken him from his space craft. Are they human or Alien?? Has NASA some how sent a ...

Last wish of a dying mother by Alan Phasey

An estranged son is called upon to transport his dead mothers ashes to scatter them in a far off land. As he is in transit, through his one sided dialogue to his mothers ashes he recounts the series of events that lead to the bitter circumstances he now finds himself in. He arrives in the small town of the far off country (which his mother was born and raised in) and begins to encounter friends and family of his late mother. They all have a tale to tell. Slowly he pieces together a series of events that happened to his ...

The trick is .... by Alan Phasey

Trewe Belstorm Is a magician or Wizard in hiding. Needing a good place to hide from those who pursue him he decides to the best place is standing behind the counter as the owner of a small junk shop. Growing weary of his guise as junkshop owner his magical skills leak into his everyday dealings with customers in his ability to pull from behind his counter any object the customer comes in search of in his quaint little store. Ben and Andrew two teenage lads who enjoy browsing through the large range of weird and wonderful items suspect Trewes ability ...

Child Beyond by Alan Phasey

Jed and Anne are an average childless couple who have decided to put career ahead of raising a family. They are happy in the world they have created for them selves until one day Jed starts hearing voices and mysterious sounds. These voices become clearer over time and reveal themselves to be that of a child With Jeds Sanity closer to the edge of reality with each sound that only he can hear, he frantically searches for answers. Bordering on insanity Jed works out the voices are that of the Child they never had and to stop the voices He ...

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