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Angel Heart (1972) by Alan Parker

Harry Angel is a private eye who is hired by a wealthy client to find a man who reneged on a deal. As Harry progresses through the investigation, all his leads wind up brutally murdered. So what if Angel Heart was made during the New Age of Hollywood?

Valentine (1985) by Jamie Blanks, Tom Savage

Five women, looking for Valentines to die for, are stalked and murdered over an incident in their childhoods surrounding Valentine's Day.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) by Lois Duncan

Alternate Casting for 1997 Four teenagers are sent reminders of an accident they caused the year before, which resulted in the death of a child. So what if the film was made in a similar style to its source material instead of a slasher film?

Prom Night (2005) by Paul Lynch, Robert Guza Jr.

A remake of the 1980 slasher film 25 years later. A mysterious assailant targets four teenagers who killed a little girl six years before.

Prom Night by Paul Lynch

A remake of the 1980 slasher film. Four children swore themselves to secrecy after causing a young girl's death. Six years later, it's the night of the prom and they've kept their secret all these years. What they don't know is that someone else was there that day and is out to make them pay.

Halloween (1998) by John Carpenter

If Halloween was made 20 years later (remake, not intended to be a reference to the sequel H20: 20 Years Later).

Halloween (1988) by John Carpenter

If Halloween was released 10 years later.

The Hitcher (1967) by Robert Harmon

If The Hitcher (1987) was made 20 years earlier.

The Da Vinci Code (1991) by Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code made 15 years earlier.

The Elenium: Villains by David Eddings

After ten years in exile, tired, aging Sir Sparhawk returns to his dirty, polluted home city of Cimmura to find that things have changed quite a bit in his absence. The incompetent King Aldreas has died under mysterious circumstances, and his youthful heir Ehlana is on the verge of death, her life preserved solely by an extremely risky spell. The city—and the kingdom of Elenia it rules—now is controlled in all but name by the corrupt Primate Annias of the Elene Church, who's put a puppet ruler in control and is stripping the treasury bare to pay for his private …

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