Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

  1. "50 Shades Of A 'career'"
  2. "chyna Doll"
  3. "discount Theo James"
  4. "hacksaw" Jim Dougan
  5. "haven't Been Good Since La Confidential?"
  6. "no One Has Ever Cared For Me"
  7. "the All American" Brian Stann
  8. "weird Al" Yankovic
  9. "woken" Richard Simmons
  10. 'goldust' Dustin Runnels
  11. 'miss Jackie' Jackie Gayda
  12. 'mr. T.' Lawrence Tureaud
  13. 'weird' Al Yankovich
  14. ( Any Boy Who Starred In Bbc's I'd Do Anything )
  15. ( If Only Tony Jay Was Still Alive... )
  16. ( Young New French Actor )
  17. (cast Unknown)
  18. (old Footage)
  19. ...a Cat.
  20. .snaked Woman

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