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Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The Batman Series ... Batgirl/Cassandra Cain
  2. The Batman ... Batgirl (Cassandr Cain)
  3. Batman: Gotham ... Batgirl/Cassandra Cain
  4. Blade ... Orji
  5. The Boys ... The Female (of the Species)
  6. Cast the X-Men ... Jubilee
  7. DOA 2: Dead or Alive Hardcore ... Lei Fang
  8. Escape from Jupiter ... Kumiko
  9. The Golden Child ... Kee Nang
  10. Gremlins ... Grandchild
  11. Rift: Realm Intelligence Fighter Taskforce ... Jade
  12. Rumble Roses ... Great Khan (The Conqueror)
  13. Rumble Roses ... Aigle (Nomad) (Mama Nature) (Princess of Wolves)
  14. Sgt Frog ... Koyuki Azumaya
  15. Superman Batman: Public Enemies ... Batgirl
  16. Ultimate X-Men ... Marvel Girl\ Jean Grey
  17. Virtua Fighter ... Aoi Umenokouji
  18. Virtua Fighter ... Dural
  19. X-Men TV Series Season 1 ... Jubilee

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