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Imagine Casting will be shutdown permanently on October 31, 2022.

The site is now in read-only mode. No new casts, polls, votes, or comments can be added.


The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Apocalypse Now ... Colonel Lucas
  2. Batman: No Man's Land ... Ventriloquist / Arnold Wesker
  3. Behind Enemy Lines (2021) ... O'Malley
  4. Blue Chips ... Happy Kuykendahl
  5. Catch-22 ... Dunbar
  6. David O. Russell's Avengers: Age of Ultron ... Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  7. David O. Russell's Batman Begins ... Jim Gordon
  8. David O. Russell's Captain America: Civil War ... Helmut Zemo
  9. David O. Russell's The Avengers ... Phil Coulson
  10. David O. Russell's The Dark Knight ... Jim Gordon
  11. David O. Russell's The Dark Knight Rises ... Jim Gordon
  12. David O. Russell's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ... Martin Vanger (Stellan Skarsgård)
  13. David O. Russell’s Tenet ... Fay
  14. David O. Russell’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ... Captain Mike Clark
  15. Earth Destructive Direct: Monster Wars ... Caleb Dragovich
  16. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly ... Drunk Union Captain
  17. High Plains Drifter ... Stacey Bridges, Outlaw
  18. Midnight Ride ... Detective Dink
  19. O ... Bob Brable
  20. Pulp Fiction (TV Series, Season 1) ... Rick Jerga
  21. Reservoir Dogs ... Nice Guy Eddie Cabot
  22. Scarface ... Mel Bernstien
  23. The Thing ... Palmer
  24. The Thing ... Palmer
  25. True Grit ... Lucky Ned Pepper
  26. The Walking Dead: Season 1 ... Andrew St. John
  27. The Wild Bunch ... TC

Site News

After nearly two decades, Imagine Casting will be shutting down on 10/31/2022.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to dedicate the time and resources needed to keep the site running. The site will soon enter a "read-only" mode and no new casts or votes will be accepted. And then the site will be taken offline on October 31st.


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