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Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The Breakfast Club ... Claire Standish (the princess)
  2. The Crucible ... Abigail Williams
  3. Fearless ... Tatiana Petrova
  4. The Lovely Bones ... Older Lindsey Salmon
  5. Making Out (Series) ... Lara McAvory
  6. Nine days of Death ... Amie
  7. Nocturnals ... Starfish
  8. Pop Goes The Weasel ... Lucy Shafer
  9. SINATRA ... Mia Farrow
  10. Soul Calibur X (2013) ... Cassandra Alexandra
  11. Soul Calibur X (2013) ... Sophitia Alexandra
  12. Soul Edge series ... Cassandra Alexandra
  13. Soul Edge series ... Sophitia Alexandra
  14. SoulCalibur ... Sophitia Alexandra
  15. SoulCalibur ... Cassandra Alexandra
  16. This Lullaby ... Remy Starr

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