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Imagine Casting will be shutdown permanently on October 31, 2022.

The site is now in read-only mode. No new casts, polls, votes, or comments can be added.


The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Atomic Betty ... Admiral DeGill (voice)
  2. Batman : The Dark Knight Returns ... Alfred Pennyworth
  3. Batman (1990's) Alternate Cast ... Alfred Pennyworth
  4. A Bridge Too Far ... Lt. Col. John D. Frost, British Army
  5. Cannonball Run 3 ... Seymour Goldfarb Jr.
  6. Casino Royale ... James Bond
  7. The Dark Knight 2008 (1980's) ... Alfred Pennyworth
  8. The Dark Knight Returns ... Alfred Pennyworth
  9. The Final Cannonball Run ... Seymour Goldfarb Jr
  10. Hot Fuzz (90s) ... Simon Skinner
  11. Justice League (1989) ... Alfred Pennyworth
  12. Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (BBC 1980s) ... Gandalf
  13. The Mummy ... Sir Joseph Whemple
  14. Murder by Death ... Dick Charleston
  15. Murder by Death ... Dick Charleston
  16. Oliver & Company (re-dub) ... Francis the Bulldog (voice)
  17. Phantom of Manhattan ... Professor Charles Bloom (Older Charlie)
  18. The Phantom Tollbooth ... Tock, a "watchdog" (voice)
  19. Pirates of The Caribbean (1993) ... Governor Swann
  20. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (1960's style) ... Commodor James Norrington
  21. The Prisoner ... The Butler
  22. Queen Victoria: Zombie Killer ... Narrator
  23. The Sea Wolves: The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse ... Jack Cartwright
  24. Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jnr. - 1970-80's style) ... Sherlock Holmes
  25. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows ('60s) ... Dr. John Watson
  26. Skyfall (70s) ... James Bond
  27. Skyfall (Early 80s) ... James Bond
  28. Spy Vs. Spy : The TV Show ... White Spy Leader
  29. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic ... Vandar Tokare
  30. Totally Spies: 'A Spy is Born' & '0067' ... Jerry Lewis
  31. Toy Story 4 (2009) ... Mr. Pricklepants
  32. A View to a Kill ... Sir Godfrey Tibbett

Site News

After nearly two decades, Imagine Casting will be shutting down on 10/31/2022.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to dedicate the time and resources needed to keep the site running. The site will soon enter a "read-only" mode and no new casts or votes will be accepted. And then the site will be taken offline on October 31st.


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