Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. 1776 ... Andrew McNair, Congressional Custodian
  2. 1776 ... Congressional Secretary Charles Thomson
  3. 2016 Elections ... Jim Gilmore
  4. The Adventures of Yor ... Pak (Voice)
  5. Batman Forever (1995) ... Dr. Burton
  6. The Biggest Lie Ever Told ... Father Seamus Crane
  7. Boston Legal: The Movie ... Paul Lewiston
  8. The Cask of Amontillado ... Fortunado
  9. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger ... Elmer Chambers
  10. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger ... Maerlyn/The Ageless Stranger
  11. The Five Elements: A Fantasy Adventure ... Priest
  12. Hercules ... Hermes
  13. Justice League Of America Legends ... Desaad
  14. Knights of the Old Republic (Film Series) ... GO-TO (voice)
  15. The Last Unicorn ... The Skull
  16. Little Shop of Horrors ... Mr. Mushnik
  17. Neverwhere ... Mr. Croup
  18. Red Alaret S.E.A.S.O.N ... Elek, mobile computer (Voice)
  19. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ... Odo
  20. Star Trek: Destiny ... Admiral Akaar (voice)
  21. Tintin ... Rastapopoulus
  22. Up The Down Staircase ... Dr. Maxwell Clarke (Principal)
  23. Victoria: Mayblossom of Britannia ... Mr. Richard Westall

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