Imagine Casting
Imagine Casting

The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Basil the Great Mouse Detective(re-dub) ... Fidget (voice)
  2. Blake's 7 - Alternative ... Xen (Voice)
  3. Castle Quest ... The Catmen (Voice)
  4. Doctor Who ... Dalek Emperor
  5. Doctor Who The Motion Picture (201?) ... The Alien
  6. Doctor Who: The Daleks' Master Plan ... Daleks (Voice)
  7. Doctor Who: The Time War ... The Daleks/Dalek Caan (Voice)
  8. Doctor Who: The Time War ... Dalek Emperor (Voice)
  9. Dr. Who and the Daleks ... Dalek (Voice)
  10. Jenny: Daughter of a Time Lord ... Daleks (Voice)
  11. Jenny: Daughter of a Time Lord ... Cybermen (Voice)
  12. Julius Caesar ... The Soothsayer
  13. Little Shop of Horrors (in Digital 3-D) ... Audrey II (voice)
  14. Momo (Disney ver.) ... Men in Grey
  15. Rise of the Triad ... NME (Nasty Metallic Enforcer) (voice)
  16. X-Men 3 (and beyond) ... Sentinels(Voice)

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